More Postcards from Maybole
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Most of these cards were sent home to Canada by my father when he visited our Maybole relations in 1941 ... when he was over for WWII. Our Watson and Robb lines emigrated to Canada in 1905-1907. The first group of lads went back for W.W.I. and then the next generation returned for WWII. Contributed by Carol McLellan

High Street Showing Old Pump largelarger High Street    largelarger Cassillis Road    largelarger
Gardenrose Avenue    largelarger Railway Station    largelarger Culzean Bay, Maybole Shore   largelarger
Coral Glen and Whitehall   largelarger Croy Shore   largelarger Cloncaird Castle   largelarger

Town Hall  largelarger

The Cross, Crosshill   largelarger King Street, Crosshill   largelarger Ashgrove Home largelarger