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view5.jpg (46537 bytes) These seven photos were taken at Open Day, June 25th 2000 when the Fire Brigade had a forklift platform on exhibit. One of the firemen, Keith Hall took these photos.
castle&tolbooth.jpg (65964 bytes)

These beautifully  colourised images of Maybole Castle and The Tolbooth contributed by  David Wilson.. They were originally drawn by R.W. Billings, engraved by John Godfrey and published in Edinburgh by William Blackwood & Sons.

castle1.jpg (63725 bytes)

This beautifully  colourised image of Maybole Castle contributed by  David Wilson. It was originally engraved by W H Bartlett and is from the book "Scotland Illustrated"  by W Beattie, 1838 

Ike.jpg (27568 bytes)

This is a photograph of Dwight Eisenhower with Mrs. Sarah Dunn (Recently deceased). The young girl is Jackie Dunabie (now Mrs Wilson) who has contributed this photo.

rankinestones.jpg (26620 bytes)

View of the two RANKINE obelisks in the 'new' cemetery. Stone - to the right, is RANKINE of OTTERDEN. (shown in close-up in second photo). RANKINE of Otterden stone. James bapt Maybole 1799 went to Ayr Academy & Edinburgh University. He married Georgiana Mary MARTIN of Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire & had his marriage entered in the Maybole registers many years later. He had a medical practice in Newmarket St., Ayr at one time but concentrated on farming at Otterden. He died in Dundonald & told fanciful stories to Patterson the historian for Patterson's book of 1848. Even the false (according to Lord Lyon) coat of arms of the RANKINE's was described in PATTERSON's book !! After 20 years, I'm still unable to link the branches though my 'guts' tell me that they *are* related. They were informants for each other, employed the same notary, lived in close proximity at Otterden & Knockdon (almost back to back) etc. 

... I can possibly add some info, I got Georgina Mary Ann Martin's death certificate and it states that the death was reported by John Rankine, Lochlands, her 2nd cousin! Georgina died in 1886 so the John Rankine was the son John Rankine of Lochlands who had just died. John jnr. was a 1st cousin 1 x removed to the Adam on the second obelisk. By my calcs. that means that the common ancestor of John Jnr. and James was Adam Rankine 1731-1816, but how it works I don't know, the informant of James of Otterden's death was his daughter who gave her grandfather as James, a farmer but didn't know her grandmother.  
Niall R Scott Aberdeen, Scotland
Scotts of Stonehaven

rankineobelisk.jpg (41103 bytes)
Switching on the lights, Alex Kelly, David Kiltie, Isobel Seymour and Alan Murray the .jpg (33112 bytes) L to R
Alex Kelly, David Kiltie, Isobel Seymour and Alan Murray switching on the lights
hands.jpg (63248 bytes) A sculpture made by Carrick Academy pupils in 1992 to mark the 10th anniversary of the twinning between Maybole and Crosne. It stands in the foyer of the Maybole Health Centre
Cassillis Road and Maybole Old Church.jpg (23524 bytes) This postcard of Maybole Old Church is from the Valentine series. Permission to reproduce it here has been given from St Andrews University Library where the Valentine Archive is held.

Gelibell made by Monsieur Geli sits in meeting room of the community council.jpg (27939 bytes)

This bell was made by Monsieur Geli and sits in the room where the  Maybole Community Council holds it's meetings.

Tombstone of William Niven, friend of Burns.jpg (26014 bytes)

The tombstone of bailie William Niven's (Burns' friend)
Maybole Town Provosts.jpg (24634 bytes) This is a board of provosts' photos which hangs in the Maybole Community Council meeting room.

Crossraguel Abbey Near Maybole, Ayrshire, Scotland.jpg (104974 bytes)

From the accompanying original description: Crossraguel Abbey, the view of which will be new to most of our readers, is one of those sacred relics of the olden time which recall monachism and the mass-that gorgeous worship, which in every corner of the island has left its stately monuments and its pious traditions; and in all, enduring proofs of the temporal, no less than the spiritual, sway of its hierarchy. This abbey is a fine specimen of that architecture which, within the last twenty years, has been partially revived and imitated in some of our ecclesiastical edifices; but it will require many years before the modern can approach the ancient in boldness of design and delicacy of execution. This religious structure-comprising a church, cloisters, the abbots residence, and the chapter-house-though greatly dilapidated, is still sufficiently entire to give the stranger an accurate notion of its original extent, style, and decoration. It was founded in the middle of the twelfth century by Duncan, son of Gilbert, Earl of Carrick, and, under its pious and learned abbots, who had the enjoyment of a princely revenue, rose into considerable distinction as a religious fraternity.

crossraguel.jpg (55045 bytes)
burnsbust.jpg (32039 bytes) Single cast bust of Robert Burns. High Street. The site above the butchers shop at the bottom of the High Street. It is said to mark the site of the market in Maybole where Robert Burnsís parents first met. This bust was removed from the site several years ago.
downtownmaybole.jpg (8991 bytes) This photo of  "Downtown Maybole" is a view along Cassillis Road/New Yards
ViewofMayboleCemeteryfromtown.jpg (12179 bytes) This photo of the cemetery is from John Knox Street/Red Lion Brae and the house on the right replaced the Inn/John Knox's house.

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