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Ashgrove was built originally as a private house but later taken over by Glasgow Corporation as a holiday home for children from Glasgow, who were in need of holidays in rural surroundings. Ashgrove Home was originally "Craigengillan" and was built about the end of last century by Thomas A. Gray, owner of one of the shoe factories and it is said he built it at the top of Kirklandhill Path so that he could look down on the "Bog Lum" which was the chimney stack of Ladywell Factory and a well-known landmark to older residents in the town. The top of the tower was said to be the same height as the Lorne Tannery chimney, which as also owned by Mr. Gray.  The postcard above contributed by Frances Fleming.

I was thrilled to find your picture of the 1940 evacuee’s children because my mother and her brother and sister are in the picture. My mother’s name was Margaret Milburn sister Mamie (Mary) Milburn and her brother Jackie Milburn. Jackie would have been one of the older boys in the back and I think my mother the youngest in her family is in the middle with her sister. My mother told me many stories about when she was living at the Ashgrove Home and I have a postcard picture of it my mother sent to her mother asking for money. I’m not sure how long the Milburn children were at the Ashgrove home because they were taken out of it when their father as able to purchase a Diary Farm and move his family higher in the hills away from the dangers. I still have to research but there was a prisoner of war camp near the farm were some of the prisoners use to come to each morning to help run the farm. My mother died in 2007 in Nanaimo BC (Canada) and her sister Mary lives in Ontario (Canada) and the older brother lives in New Zealand. I have so much research to do so thank you for helping me with this picture.
Catherine Bedford from Calgary, Alberta Canada.

This photo of evacuees from Glasgow who stayed at Ashgrove House was contributed by Sadie McKay or Kerr as she was then. She says it is from about 1940 and front centre is Nurse Cameron and back row left is Doris who was the maid. Sadie wonders if others recognise themselves. Names that she remembers are Willie Paterson, James Manning, Albert Dunn, James Donnie, M Innis, David Kane, Tommy and James Lamont, Margaret and Frances Baker (who went to New Zealand and Canada respectively), Alex Turner. Let us hear from you if you know anyone in this photo!

Message received from a former resident of Ashgrove House
I have browsed your Maybole site for quite some time now and never tire of  it. As a child growing up in a large family in Glasgow in the 50's my two sisters and I spent a few of our summer holidays in Ashgrove house which belonged to the Glasgow corporation. I have many happy memories from my time there and when in Scotland visited Maybole and all the places I could remember. The house still looks the same but took a while to find as I only remember the vast grounds it stood in and where we played. It is now totally surrounded by houses I can still see the sweeping staircase in the entry and the row of dolls that were placed on the window ledges. Never to be played with. Are there any pictures out there of the inside of the house before it was renovated into flats? I would love to see some. I don't even have a picture of any of our time there. We would walk over the railway bridge into the main street and buy sweets in the little shop on a Saturday. I'm sure it was the only holiday many kids from Glasgow ever had. Your website is a credit to you and your community and I hope to be there in person in 2006.   Many thanks. Margaret O'Brien (nee Roper) Qld .Australia ( March 2005)

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