Silver Avenue - Culzean Castle
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This picture was taken early 1977 at Culzean Castle when the Silver Firs which once lined Silver Avenue were being felled. Many of the these trees were deemed to be unsafe due to a condition known as "heart rot". As a result, they had to come down, just in case they fell on a member of the public. Many of the trees were in excess of 150 years old and many were more that 8 feet in diameter.

The largest tree which was located near the Camelia House, was nearer to 12 feet in diameter. This particular tree need to be quartered before being transported to the sawmill. The trees were replaced by Silver Limes in order to keep the association with Silver Avenue. The picture shows the forestry workers burning the "brash" from the felled trees. Photo and text contributed by Davie Law. Photo also available at 1024 by 775