Maybole Gas Works
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On 19th March 1834, the laying of the foundation stone of Maybole Gas Works was a great highlight in the town's affairs and once again the two lodges were in the forefront of the proceedings although at the rear of the procession. A procession started from the Town Green and it is minuted that it. consisted of "the Friendly Societies, the Town Council, Shoemakers, Tailors and other Craftsmen in their robes of office, with insignia displayed, banners flying and music playing." A mounted horseman led off the procession, followed by the Weavers, who were then the most prominent craftsmen in the town, carrying the emblems of their trade . After them came eight members of the Maybole Carrick Band, the members of the Shoemakers Guild in full robes, then Wrights with their insignia., followed by the contractors responsible for the building of the new Gas Works. Next in the procession came the Magistrates and members of the Town Council and immediately behind them the remaining nine members of the seventeen strong local band. The rear of the procession consisted of the Masonic Lodges, in full regalia with banners flying, in the order of two Girvan Lodges, Ayr Lodge, Maybole Royal Lodge No. 198 and finally Maybole St. John's No. 11. These private gas works continued for over a hundred years until they were Nationalized and in 1969 piped gas was introduced under the gas grid scheme and gas is no longer made in the old works. From Maybole, Carrick's Capital, by James Grey. Photos contributed by Davie Law. Click on the images below to view them full size.

Maybole Gas Work Exterior

 Purifier House

Stream driven exhauster

Maybole Gas Work Exterior

 Quenching red-hot coke

Front of condenser


Man charging retort Man drawing retort Man drawing retort Retorts