Ladywell Stadium - a visit from founder Andrew McCorquodale
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 Photos of Ladywell from a 2002 charity match for Chris Harvey contributed by Martin Bone. Click on the images for full size photos. 



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The Secretary

Maybole Juniors F.C.

Ladywell Stadium



Dear Sir,

Ladywell Stadium


In 1944, I was appointed Burgh Surveyor of Maybole. Shortly after I started, a number of town councillors and local people were examining various projects to be ready for Maybole Servicemen returning from the Second World War.


A public meeting was arranged, and the popular outcome was that a football field and a football team was the final decision. Under the chairmanship of the late Ex Provost Tom Murray, a committee was nominated, of which I was a member, and it was decided that an area of ground between the local tannery, (now demolished), and the then Italian POW Camp would be suitable. I agreed to design and supervise the work to be carried out by a great group of enthusiastic volunteers.


The area was cleared and roughly levelled, and an old retaining wall on the road up to the town being in a dangerous condition was demolished and the stones and earth were spread over the area and graded to give a gradual fall away from the tannery building, and drainage taken to the adjoining burn.


This was duly completed by the volunteers, (with the occasional help of the Italian POWs). I then managed to get the loan of a "turf cutting machine" from Prestwick Airport, and with the approval of the Town Council, cut turf from part of the then closed golf course (part known locally as "the Slap"), and completely turfed the area.


On completion, local tradesmen generously gave all the materials to completely build and equip the clubhouse and a fencer erected the spectators rail and surrounding fence to entirely enclose the completed football field, which was then named "THE LADYWELL STADIUM".


Meanwhile other committee men, under Mr. Studie Qua, were scouting around and eventually got a team together, which was called "MAYBOLE JUNIORS" and who were accepted by the Ayrshire Junior Football Association, and the job was completed.


After I left Maybole, I designed a covered stand with ex-Army Nissan Huts and a refreshment room, which were erected and added to the field.

I am now 92 years of age, and one of my sons, Arthur, took me down to Maybole on Wednesday to see my old haunts in the town which I enjoyed working for three years and of course went along to the Ladywell Stadium, where I assure you, I had the most pleasant surprise of my visit to the town.


Your club members obviously appreciate the stadium, and have maintained the whole ground and buildings in excellent condition, which gave me a proud feeling that my efforts and those of the original volunteers had been so worthwhile, and I would ask you to convey my sincere thanks to them for their hard work throughout the years. I may mention when I left Maybole, the Club made me an Honorary Life Member.


Finally, I wish your President, your club members and followers, and yourself, together with the Maybole Juniors Football Team every success in the future.


Sincerely Yours,

(Andrew H. McCorquodale)