Maybole Railway Station about 1970
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In October 1853 it was decided a railway line should stop at Maybole. The Town Council agreed to recommend the project to the inhabitants of the town and urge them to give support by taking shares. Many townspeople did this, the railway prospered and the shareholders did exceedingly well from their investments. The line was opened for goods traffic on 15th September 1856 and for passengers on 13th October 1857. The railway station was first formed at Redbrae and a little later the railway was taken on to Girvan and the present railway station was built, thus completing the Ayr-Maybole-Girvan railway. The present station was built in 1880. Photos contributed by Davie Law. Click on the images below to view them full size. Other pages with photos of the railway on this site include the story of the footbridge the railway in winter snowStory from Jim McApline

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