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David Kiltie MC

 Highland Dancers

St Cuthberts School
Kings and Queens

Gardenrose School SAS wish you were here Cairn School Float Steel Band Float
St Cuthbert's School Float

Maybole Pipe Band

British Royal Legion Witch from Cairn School
The King and Queen The Royal Party The Royal Wave Crowning the King & Queen


MAYBOLE Gala Day was a real celebration in the town - and organisers are delighted. It was especially pleasing when the forecast of rain for Saturday proved wrong, allowing hundreds to enjoy the spectacle. Susan Whiteman, of the gala organising committee, hailed the day as 'fabulous'. And she said: "A lot of hard work and co-operation went into it. And we're so relieved the heavy rain happened on Friday - and not on Maybole's fantastic parade." There was a slight delay in the procession, due to the late arrival of steel band, Caribba Stargazers. But it finally moved off with Maybole Pipe Band leading the way from Carrick Academy to Glebe Park. Next came the carriage carrying the town s royal couple. Hugh Henderson was crowned King of Carrick by Cathy Jamieson MSP and Nicole Currie was crowned Queen by Councillor Alan Murray. Both are both pupils of St Cuthbert s Primary, and their attendants were Megan Hood of Cairn Primary, and Lindsay Nixon and Kyle Faulds of Gardenrose Primary. Councillor Andy Hill officially declared gala festivities under way. Cairn Primary was judged best float with St Cuthbert's Primary runner-up and SAS third. Best walking group was Gardenrose Primary, second were 1st Maybole Brownies, third were the Tiddlers and Tadpoles toddlers group, with the Tiny Tots playgroup highly commended.

Then came the most difficult part of the day - judging the fancy dress. And this was followed by a whole feast of entertainment which included Maybole Pipe Band, Carrick Stompers line-dancers, Maybole Majorette and Dance School, Aileen Robertson School of Highland Dancing, Caribba Stargazers steel band, plus pop groups Haze, Fusion and Split Peas. Children were well catered for by several performances by Uncle Billy, as well as races and a tug of war competition as well as side shows and slides. Susan Whiteman, who chairs Maybole Community Association, was pleased with the gala day turn-out, and how things went in the run-up to it. She said: "Our service at Crossraguel was a wonderful start to our gala week and we had great fun at our team quiz night. "The pet show was very successful too, with lots of people bringing along their pets and joining in the fun."

Susan thanked everyone who took part in making sure the gala ran smoothly with special thanks to local police, South Ayrshire Council, Carrick Round Table, Mitchell and Struthers employees, Jim Bryan for his PA expertise, Co-operative Funeralcare for their car, and Mr Shift It for all his help in moving equipment.

Fancy dress: Under-5s - 1,Mermaid, Kayley Campbell; 2, Zebras, Jordan Bell and Darra Murdoch; 3, Witches, Kieran Robb and Louisa Davidson. 5-12 years - 1, Dice Brownies; 2, Blue Girl, Sophie Milligan, Gardenrose Rainbow; 3, Moaning Myrtle, Caitlin Davidson. Adults - 1, Green Girl, Becky Fleming, Gardenrose Rainbow; highly commended, Harry Potter, Alison Davidson; highly commended, Rubik Cube, Laura Kiltie

Shops - 1, Rosebank; 2, Pickens; 3, McInnes. Group float - 1, Cairn Primary; 2, St Cuthbert's Primary; 3, SAS International. Walking group/car float - 1, Gardenrose Primary; 2, 1st Maybole Brownies; 3, Tiddlers and Tadpoles; highly commended, Tiny Tots Playgroup. Quiz night winners - Carrick Sports Club.

Guinea pig - 1, Carrie, Zoe and Brodie Wallace with Pepper, Pebbles and Pickles; 2, Alice, Simon and Robert Mackie with George.

Other caged pets - 1, Sam Matthews with Esrare (ferret); 2, Nathan Davidson with Widget (polecat); 3, Charlie Purvis with Rosie (mouse).

Cats - 1, Kerry McDowall with Bart; 2, Sharon Davey with Charlie; 3 equal, Elizabeth Heath with Snowy and Louise Wilson with Kero.

Dogs: Eight-legged race -1, Finlay Henderson with Hector; 2, Hugh Hendeerson with Kylie; 3, Janine Kerr with Bonnie.

Best condition - 1, Kirsty Torbet with Bonnie (Cocker Spaniel); 2, James Connell with Penny (Shitzu) 3, Ellis McDowall with Rocco (West Highland Terrier).

Owner most like dog - 1, Ryan Murray with Misty (Lhasa Apsu); 2, Aileen Henderson with Hector (Australian Terrier); 3, Shirley Tweedie with Cara (cross-breed).

Loudest bark - 1, Michelle McDowall with Alfie (Jack Russell); 2, Finlay Henderson with Kylie (Australian Terrier); 3, W. Young with Tigger (Cocker Spaniel).

Most worried - 1, Charlie Purvis with Jodie (cross-breed); 2, Louisa Davidson with Kizzie (Whippet); 3, Kirsty McDonald with Mac (cross-breed).

1, Mr Scott, 67 Murray Gardens; highly commended - Mr Paterson, 8 Roderick Lawson Terrace; Mr Stewart, 27 The Loaning; Mrs Findlay, 28 The Loaning; Mr Garrick, 11 Fine View; E. Taylor, Flat 2A Wellington Street.

Karate: best girl - Evan Eaglesham, best boy Conner Graham.

(Ayrshire Post June 2003)

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