Maybole Pipe Band & Ayrshire Fiddle Orchestra
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Auld Lang Syne

Real Audio -Intro. (120k) | Bagpipes (120k)

MP3 - Intro. (434k) | Bagpipes (458k)

Auld Lang Syne
(New Year's Longer version)

Real Audio (573k)

MP3 (2.2 megs)

Scottish Salute

Real Audio (128k)

MP3 (463k)

Flower of Scotland

Real Audio - Intro. (120k) | Bagpipes (136k)

MP3 - Intro. (444k) | Bagpipes 499k)

Maybole Pipe Band

Auld Lang Syne Text

Ayrshire Fiddle Orchestra


Davie Anderson - Auld Lang Syne


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