Kings and Queens of Carrick from the Past
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Coronation of the first King of Carrick 1951. Closer view of the first image.

The King and Queen of Carrick of 1951 riding in the carriage. Click here to view a very large image.

Cousins Alex Meek and Margaret Meek, King & Queen in 1957. Margaret Meek is now married to David Kiltie, Chairman, Maybole Community Council. Also see photo below.

The first King and Queen. Click above for a full size photo or here for a very large image.

1966. King Desmond Meek and Queen Mary McCann, two 12-year-old Maybole children.  Read this article above the town's Civic Week and celebrations on it's 450th anniversary.

1957 summer. The King is Alex Meek and the Queen Margaret Meek.

1960 summer. The King is Kenneth Dunabie, the Queen Pamela Alexander; mounted heralds Dennis Walker and Jim Gray led the procession from Carrick Academy to Ladywell Stadium. Attendants included pages John Thomson and Charles McDermott (front right) and courtier Thomas Sands.

1963 summer. The King is Robert Robson and Queen is Elizabeth Grant. (Ayrshire Advertizer photo.)

Click here for Kings and Queens from more recent years.