Maybole Resource Centre
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Photos and article below from the Official Opening of the Maybole Resource Centre. Click images to view full size.

Councillor Murray with May-Tag board members and invited  guests.

Councillor Alan Murray, left, with Peter Walker, Resource Centre Manager

Councillor Alan Murray with Resource Centre staff Elizabeth Blair, Eleanor Jamieson and Peter Walker

Maybole Resource Centre Brochure

Maybole Resource Centre. 48/50 High Street, Maybole, Ayrshire KA19 7Bz.  Tel: 01655 884022.


Maybole Resource Centre is gradually making itself known to local organisations and project manager Peter Walker attended this month’s meeting of the Community Council to explain what the project is all about. His staff, however, are also making a name for themselves internationally as they help people with tracing their family roots. Elizabeth Blair and Eleanor Jamieson will be contacting local groups very shortly to tell them more about what the Centre can offer but they have also been very helpful to overseas visitors to the town.

A few weeks ago Patricia Bender from Ohio, U.S.A. visited Maybole in search of her ancestors’ history. Patricia’s 5th great grandfather, Samuel Kennedy, left Scotland in the 1740s and she believes that Samuel Kennedy was related to the Kennedys of Culzean. When she arrived in Maybole Patricia realised that she would not have as much time as she imagined to carry out research, as there was so much else she wanted to see and do during her thee day stay in the town. The Resource Centre staff arranged for a visit to Maybole Castle and asked Murray Cook from Maybole Historical Society to help them. Not only did he agree to do that but he also gave Patricia a tour through the town visiting places of historical interest.

Bob and Florette Gray from Ormiston, Australia who were also visiting the town in search of family roots joined them on the tour. A few days later Colin Goudie and Christine Crone from New Zealand also visited the town in search of information on their ancestors. Resource Centre staff were again able to help out with the search facilities available and Murray Cook provided the coupe with valuable information as well as a tour of Maybole Castle.

Last weekend an email arrived via the Maybole web site from Patricia Bender which said: “Just wanted to drop you a ‘quicknote’ and tell you what a delight your Maybole was. I have told all my Ohio and Virginia, New Jersey, cousins, friends, etc to come there, when visiting Scotland, to get a real feel for history.

I am SO GLAD I didn’t go to Edinburgh or Glasgow this first time there. Normally, a person would, but by being in contact with your Eleanor Jamieson, (by they way she is FANTASTIC) and her directing me so well to B & B’s, restaurants, historic sites, etc. it made my very ‘custom designed’ visit to Maybole, Scotland WONDERFUL. Give her a raise!

Of course my visit was a genealogy one and that was my focus. My cousin Kate Young, who has our Kennedy Website on Rootsweb, has been in contact with her, and now has been in contact again. As also, my cousin Susan Kennedy has now, she in particular hadn’t been to Maybole in a long while and is now, since I’ve encouraged her to, planning to visit, and IS in contact with your Eleanor. I can’t say enough good about that group of yours in Maybole, with Mr. Murray Cook, as your historian extraordinaire! Unbelievable for 80 yr. old! I thought, oh boy, how is this older gentleman going to do the tour of the castle.Hours later HE had worn me out! And was still going! So helpful too, showed me where my B & B was. Went way beyond the ‘call of duty’ as a docent.

Again, it was such a total delight, I’m encouraging my cousin, Kate Young, who IS coming there next year during the British Open (her husband loves golf more than genealogy) to do EXACTLY as I did – let Eleanor and Murray show her around Maybole, and stay at Holmlea, it is so convenient for walking to and fro.My visit to the Welltrees Inn too. He has a very unusual pub, so clean, neat, no smokey atmosphere, the gardens, the bird! So neat! Is it on your Website? If not it should be. I’ve shown the CD to my family, Friends, Travel agency too! I’ll continue to sing its praises too.

I am also giving all this info to my AAA Travel agent here in Mansfield, OH. She sends people to Scotland and Ireland all the time, as well as herself travelling there.She was very grateful for the B & B info on Holmlea and Drumellan. And the Pub there. I told people I met at Culzean about your little Maybole too. I met people from my state even, and Cleveland OH. Also, on the plane home, I told a Mr. Wilson, from China, how to come there, and visit a small Scottish town that is so warm, friendly, and personable. We exchanged emails, and he IS also bringing his wife to visit there. I’ll let Eleanor know when that happens. By the way, the tour guides at Culzean Castle think the world of your Murray Cook too.

Again, I can’t say enough good about your excellent staff, and their knowledge of Scottish culture, I loved them trying to teach me a Scottish tune, etc. They are exactly what I was hoping to meet, but never dreamed I’d find!


Patricia A. Bender,

Mansfield, OH USA

(Article  from Ayrshire Post October 2004)

Maybole Resource Centre was officially opened last week by Councillor Alan Murray. The Centre is based at 48/50 High Street and the project, which is run by May-Tag Ltd, has attracted £188,611 from The Big Lottery Fund over the next three years. David Kiltie, chairman of May-Tag, welcomed Councillor Murray and other guests to the opening and said that the aim of the project is to provide support and advice to local groups and to help them to develop and become more sustainable. When MCDG closed in May, 2003 a pilot project was set up in 48/50 High Street with the help of Councillor Andy Hill and a grant from South Ayrshire Council. The results of this pilot enabled May-Tag to attract the lottery funding. Mr Kiltie thanked Councillor Hill, who was unable to attend the opening, and the Council for the help given. He added that this new project is very different from the previous project, Maybole Community Development Group, in that it will now work very closely with groups, especially those who deal with disadvantaged people. Councillor Murray said he was delighted to open the facility and hoped that it would be widely used by local groups. He also congratulated May-Tag in being able to attract such an amount to provide the Centre and staff. Peter Walker has been appointed to manage the project and he outlined its aims. “We will offer support, advice and guidance on a wide variety of facilities,” he said, “and local groups will be able to hold meetings here and have access to computers.” Peter continued, “We will also look to providing facilities outside of normal working hours, and groups will be able to produce leaflets, posters, minutes, reports etc.” Advice and support will also be available for groups who are looking for funding and training can be provided depending on the needs of groups. New software is being bought to allow visually impaired people to use I.T. equipment thanks to a grant from South Ayrshire Council’s Community Learning Partnership. Resource Centre staff Elizabeth Blair and Eleanor Jamieson will also help with genealogy researches, local family history enquiries and tourist information. Peter Walker said that he and his staff will be contacting all local groups over the next few months. “In the meantime,” he added, “they are invited to drop in and find out how the project can assist them. (Ayrshire Post, July 2004)

MAYBOLE'S brand new resource centre is already an international success. Visitors from as far afield as Australia and America are among the hundreds of people who've benefited from the town centre facility since it opened its doors two weeks ago. And staff have been praised by visitors and organisers, who say their hard work and dedication are ensuring the centre's success. Elizabeth Blair and Eleanor Jamieson were employed by May-Tag to provide a range of services, including free Internet, tourist information and help with local and family history. Dave Killicoat of Maybole Historical Society explained: "We thank the ladies who staff the office for their patience, knowledge and perseverance in assisting visitors to find the information they want. We have received nothing but praise for the local and family history centre and this is due almost entirely to them. "The project, funded by South Ayrshire Council, can also help by printing a range of items. (Ayrshire Post, Aug 2003)