Do You Remember this Tune?
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John McCulloch,  has responded to Jim McAlpine's request below- "I too remember A.B. Coburn' rendition of "Make your mark" Below are the words you asked for".  John McCulloch (formerly of "Smiddy Brae"). DOES ANYONE REMEMBER THE TUNE?
Update- now we have the sheet music for Make your Mark.  Thanks to John McCulloch once again.

The other day, for no apparent reason, the refrain of the Cairn primary school song kept going through my mind and I just wondered if the school still has a song.

Perhaps some of the website viewers may remember the song which was in vogue during the late 1930s and early 40s.   I remember the tune but can't recall all the words, but a couple of lines went thusly.   "In the forest should you toil, make your mark, should you delve upon the soil, make your mark".   It continued through several verses with that exhortation.

I can still see Mr A.B.Coburn coming into our class sitting down at the piano and leading the class in a robust rendition of the song, as only he could do.   If anyone remembers the complete lyrics I would appreciate a copy of them.    Jim McAlpine

Jim McAlpine with Skye. Jim is now living in Ontario, Canada.
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Make Your Mark


(By David Barker (1816 – 1874) – “The Burns of Maine”)


In the Quarries should you toil,

Make your mark.

Do you delve upon the soil?

Make your mark.


In whatever path you go,

In whatever place you stand,

Moving swift or moving slow,

With a firm and honest hand,

Make your mark.


Should opponents hedge your way,

Make your mark.

Work by night or work by day,

Make your mark.

Struggle manfully and well,

Let no obstacles oppose,

None right shielded ever fell,

By weapons of his foes.

Make your mark





What though born a peasant’s son,

Make your mark.

Good by poor men can be done,

Make your mark.

Peasants garb may warm the cold,

Peasant’s words may calm a fear,

Better far than hoarding gold,

Is the drying of a tear.

Make your mark,


Life is fleeting as a shade,

Make your mark.

Marks of some kind must be made.

Make your mark.

Make it while the arm is strong,

In the golden hours of youth.

Never, never make it wrong.

Make it with the stamp of truth.

Make your mark.