Carrick Academy Mystery Play - 1955
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Can you tell us more about this photograph? It is from a play at Carrick Academy in 1955. Who are these senior girls? What was the play? Where was the picture taken? Contributed by Bill McCubbin. Contact us at

Here's a response from Moira Houston
Looking through the website and came across the Carrick Academy School play photograph. The names of the girls in the photograph are - from left to right - Margaret Anderson, Elizabeth Bennett, Emily Jamieson, kneeling ?, Mary Gibson, Octavia Bowie, Kathleen Tweedily, Margaret Kidd, Jean Grieve, Moira McKay. The photograph was taken on the playing field at the rear of the school before the dress rehearsal. MOIRA HOUSTON

Here's a response we've gotten from John L McCulloch
I believe the Mystery Play was - 'She stoops to conquer' by Oliver Goldsmith. Raymond Lewis, a teacher at Carrick Academy at the time, directed the play. Marion Douglas is the girl seated in the middle. Best wishes to Bill McCubbin my old school chum and to Helen Smith (Kelly) who responded earlier to the request for information.

Here's a response we've gotten from Helen Smith ( Kelly ) formerly of Kirkmichael

I was in 4th or 5th year then but I can only identify Margaret Kidd as she was then. She is the girl in school uniform standing at the back adjusting a dress.  Margaret married Ronald McGawn, now deceased, and I think still lives in Maybole.  Perhaps the prefect kneeling is Jean Watson?????  I have a similar photo of the school orchestra taken outside in the playing fields. We never played there but like all school photos of that time it was taken outside to provide better light. I am passing the photo on to one of my classmates, Elizabeth McCrindle, who was girls' captain in 1956-57. I hope her memory is sharper than mine. I do however recognise the name Bill McCubbin.

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