Survive Christmas
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“Survive Christmas” was the name of a well attended drop in project held for pupils of Carrick Academy just before the school broke up for the holidays. There was plenty of advice and freebies available as well as some novel ways of getting the message across. Pupils could try on beer goggles which created the effect of how alcohol can affect the senses and wearing the glasses pupils tried to drive a model car, open a door by inserting a key in a lock, using a bank card, building blocks and walk in a straight line. By using a breathalyzer they could test the efficiency of their lungs and there were non alcoholic drinks available. Using these there was a “spike your drink” demonstration which saw cocktail sticks dropped in drinks to show the dangers faced if glasses are not watched all the time. Before long pupils were asking fellow pupils to watch their drinks while they took part in something else. We’re told that even a senior member of staff had their drink spiked! The event was organised by Sina Currie, Karen Walker and Carole George and also taking part were police, community safety and community education staff. (Ayrshire Post January 2005)