Carrick Academy Class Chat - 10th January 2007
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2007 Class Chat

By Jonathan Innes & Kirsty McCrorie

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Carrick’s Staff

Carrick Academy would like to welcome Mr Martin who replaces Mr Kerr in Modern Studies. We also thank Mrs McIntosh for her 16-year service at Carrick. In addition to this, Mrs Wilson of RME has been replaced by two teachers, Mr Pettigrew and Ms Shearlaw.


Scottish Parliament Trip

The Higher Modern Studies class are off to the Scottish Parliament on Wednesday 17th January to take part in Question Time with the first Minister Jack McConnell.



The S4 prelims are now taking place and they finish on the 25  January. Good Luck to all pupils!  The S5/6 prelims will begin on the 20 February and finish on the 2 March.  Hope your studying has started!


Parent’s Evening

S1 Parent’s Evening will be held in the school canteen on Tuesday 23rd January.


Hospitality Visit To Auchencruive

On the 19th of January the 5th year hospitality class are heading to Auchencruive college to work in the labs and study sensory analysis. The leader in charge is Mr Sutherland and all the permission slips must be returned to her a soon as possible. The cost of the bus will be £2.00 and must also be given to Mrs Sutherland, uniform must be worn on the trip, which is sure to be an enjoyable one and a report on this trip will soon follow.


Girls Rugby

Due to unfortunate circumstances they girl’s rugby practises have had to have been postponed to Monday 22nd of January. If this has to be altered we will let you now as soon as possible and we wish Mrs Johnston a speedy recovery and hope she’s back up and about as soon as possible.