Carrick Academy Class Chat - 14th March 2007
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Class Chat


By Carrick’s Press Pack Team






Careers Scotland Jobs Fair 2007

On 21st March 2007, the Careers Scotland Jobs Fair will be held at the Magnum Centre, Irvine between 9.30 – 3.30pm and again at 5.00 – 7.00pm. Anyone wishing to leave school at the summer is invited to attend.  A selection of employers, training providers and further education establishments will be on hand to offer advice and opportunities available.


Driving Presentation

On Tuesday 13th March, S5 went to a driving presentation at the Odeon in Ayr.  The presentation was extremely hard hitting and made a big impact on everyone.  Although very sad, the message that reckless driving wrecks lives was firmly put across and, overall, the presentation was very worthwhile.



This years 5th and 6th year prom will take place on Tuesday 5th June at the Brig o’ Doon. The cost is £30, which includes £10 deposit (Non-returnable). The band playing will be Sisstrum – recommended by Mr Goudie. Tickets are on sale now! See Sam Fleming or Kirsty Wilson to get hold of one!!


S3 Work Experience

 Preparations are under way for this years S3 Work Experience.

A job fair has been arranged for Monday 19th March, between periods 2 and 5. Pupils will attend this event at the various periods through out the day.


Determine To Broadcast Bus


On Wednesday 14th March, The Determined To Broastcast bus arrived at Carrick.  The bus travels all around Scotland with Director Chris O’Brien.  Pupils interviewed different members of staff and worked together to edit the interviews for a podcast.  The staff they interviewed were Mr Wilson, Mrs Baillie, and Mr Watson.  They also interviewed some of the rugby players and coaches and people from the French Exchange.  The interviews will be broadcast on .  They all had specific jobs to do, which included editors and scriptwriters.  Everyone involved enjoyed themselves, so log on to the website to hear their podcast. Select Podcasts from the menu at the top of the Home page and find the listing for South Ayrshire.



Chemistry is running an ‘Octane Challenge’. Can you draw all 18 isomers of octane? If you’re upper school you have to name them too. Return to Chemistry dept by Friday 16th March. Prizes will be on offer.