Carrick Academy Class Chat - 3st January 2007
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Class Chat


By Kirsty McCrorie & Jonathan Innes


Design and Tech


2nd and 3rd year pupils enjoyed a talk from Sir Peter Hughes, Chief Executive of Scottish Engineering at the Town-hall on Wednesday 31st January.




Higher Maths supported study will be on 2nd and 16th February 2007 in room 05 at 1.20pm.


New Student Teachers


From Paisley University:

  •    Miss Lyse Maugere – French

  •      Mrs Hazel McMahon – Art

  •      Miss Carly Rodman – PE



The Geography Department has invited the Zoolab to Carrick Academy on Thursday 8th February for 2nd and 4th years.


S4 Reports


S4 have completed their prelims and their reports are due out on


S5/6 Options


Option process started on 1st February for S4/5. Pupils should be thinking about possible courses they would like to do next year.


Study Leave


Pupils have been granted Study Leave from 20th February – 1st March inclusive of these dates, pupils are expected back in classes on Friday 2nd March.


Girl’s rugby


The girl’s rugby team headed to Kilmarnock Rugby club on Sunday 28th January to compete in a tournament. They firstly did some training along side the other teams then played some competitive games. The first game was against the girls from Kilmarnock Rugby Club and even though they put up a fierce fight unfortunately they closely lost. The second game was against Monkton Girls team who happily called themselves the “Monkey’s”. The girls played much better and some spectacular skills were shown with some incredible tackles. The score was finally a brilliant 20-10 to Carrick. The Final game was once more against the “Monkey’s” and unfortunately even after some brilliant playing they lost 15-10. The girls played extremely well with the odd injury but still carried on and our star player was Sarah Shearer. The next tournament is on March 3rd at Monkton Girls Rugby club and the training sessions are on Monday’s from 3.30-4.30 up at PE.


February Holiday


The February Weekend is Friday 9th and back to school on Tuesday 13th.





There are now 2 spaces left for the weekend skiing trip to Aviemore. The trip is from March 9th-11th and anyone who is interested in going can they please see Mr Dunsmuir (PE) ASAP for more information.