Carrick Academy Class Chat - 6th February 2007
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Class Chat


By Kirsty McCrorie & Jonathan Innes



S3 Calendar


S3 test calendars will be issued on 28th February.


S5/6 prelims


Exams start 20th February. Hope you have started your revision!! Back in class Friday 2nd March.

S2 Parents Evening


This is a busy time for S2 parents. Firstly parents have an opportunity to find out about course options at a planning evening on Tuesday 20th March. Report cards will follow and then parents can discuss progress with staff at a parents evening on Tuesday 27th March.


Duke of Edinburgh


A number of our pupils were presented with a Duke of Edinburgh award on Tuesday 6th February at the Jabil conference centre.


Tree of knowledge-Laugh in the face of exams!!


S3 pupils attended the tree of knowledge course on Wednesday 7th February in Maybole Town hall.


Girls Rugby


Saturday 3rd March 07

Time: 1-4pm

Development Day – several short coaching session & small Sided games

Monklands’ girls (rosehall HS Coatbridge)




Sunday 25th March 07

Time: 12:30 – 4pm

Tournament – Competition against teams from other cluster area’s

Grangemouth RFC




Sunday 22nd April 07

Time: 1-4pm

Development day – Several short coaching session & games focusing on playing 7’s rugby

Cartha Queens Park RFC, Glasgow




Sunday 28th April 07


National Youth 7’s



Carrick TV!!


Carrick TV are currently  producing  TV news bulletins broadcast during  lunch.  The two presenters are Fiona Russell and Eilidh Gerrish.  The camera operator is Ashleigh Swan and Jade McCathie and Reanna Ure are the scriptwriters.  Hannah Mc Cubbin is the equipment manager and Bonner Young is the video editor with Mr Wilson as the producer.  Look out for the next broadcast in the near future!    


Interview with Bonner young  (Carrick TV editor)


So what exactly do you do?

Well, we tell people what is happening in the week. My job is to take the video clip and cut out the unneeded pieces, while adding music and text.


How long does editing normally take?

It normally takes half an hour to film it, and another half hour to actually edit it. After this, we give this to Mr Reilly who transfers this to the TVs.


Finally, do you enjoy your job as editor?

I find it enjoyable however sometimes the responsibility is demanding!