Carrick Academy Dinner Ladies
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Back Row: from the left- 1. Mrs McGill, 2. Mrs Bunty Robertson, 3. Mrs Jean Cran, 4. Miss Kate Torbett, 5. Miss Jean Mc Millan, 6. Jessie Williamson, 7. Mrs Boyd. Middle Row: from the left - 1. Miss Grace Lindsay, 2. Mrs Kiltie, 3. Miss Wands, 4. Mary Crosby, 5. Mrs Peggy Thomson 6. Mrs Bella Bone. Front Row: from the left - 1. Mrs Cissie Connelly, 2. Mrs Jean Clark 3. Mrs Ella Crawford, 4. Mrs Janet Mackay, 5. Mrs Barbara Gardiner, 6. Mrs Maggie Smith or Bell, 7. Mrs Mary Holligan, 8. Mrs Mary Mc Ewan. (our thanks to Eleanor Jamieson of Maybole for identifying these ladies).

This photograph of Carrick Academy Dinner Ladies circa. 1950 was contributed by Jim Williamson. His mother Jessie Williamson (second right, back row) was head cook until her death in 1951. It is believed that the back two rows were the cookery staff, with the front row being the staff who served the meals to the pupils and staff. That assumption is based on the headwear and Jim's memory of 50 years ago.

 Jim also remembers ... " that the cookery staff had to wear wooden clogs. The function of the ladies would be to serve lunch to pupils and staff as required. I seem to remember our Teacher collecting the "dinner money" on a Monday morning. Don't know how many pupils would have been served or what kind of food, I can only remember brussel sprouts and semolina pudding. I do seem to remember though that the meals were excellent. Maybole around 1950's was a close knit community though, where everybody knew everybody (and their business) and you had to at least nod to anyone you passed in the street or risk the wrath of Khan, or in my case my Grandmother." 
Jim Williamson

Mrs Mary McEwan (my mother) is in the front row, far right. I can actually remember my mother telling me that they had had their  photograph taken. With the exception of Miss Lindsay, the ladies I have named  were all employed to serve the meals and were under the supervision of Mrs  Gardiner. They also had to scrub the dining hall floors (on their hands and  knees).  
Contributed by
Margaret Landsburgh

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