Carrick Academy - ICT Overview
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The following points provide a snapshot of activities within the school.


S1/2 - one period per week - now to cover both S1 and S2. Classes use PCs using the following applications; Keybytes (combined practical/theory software), Appleworks and now we are in a position to add in work on email and the internet.


  • A range of courses at standard grade/higher still include the use of ICT -

  • Business Studies courses (Administration, Accounting and Finance) use Word, Access, Excel, Powerpoint, email and internet software packages as part of the curriculum

  • Computing courses use Appleworks, Unicomal, MS Office, email and internet.

  • Tehcnical - use Autocad as their base software for courses.

  • Almost all other departments use ICT as part of their courses by using a range of CD roms to enhance learning and teaching.

Further uses of ICT:

  • Guidance/Personal and Social Education - use of PlanIt and Progress and other online careers web sites to ensure that pupils are given as much information as possible when making option choices.

  • Library - 10 computers - 5 PCs on the network.

  • Other technologies such as scanners, digital cameras, digital video, multimedia projectors are used by a number of departments within the school.

  • Around 80 PCs are available within the school for pupil use, a further 15 being used in administration. Laptops are also available for whole school use.

  • PiSYS - monitoring, tracking and reporting system has recently been set up within the school with a view to this facility being added into SAC network.


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