April 2003
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NEWSLETTER- April 2003

The S2/3 and S4/5 Course Planning evenings held in early April were well attended by both parents and pupils. Guidance staff and Mrs Davie from Careers Scotland provided valuable and reassuring information on future pathways for a number of our young people.

End of term services for all year groups were held in the dining hall on Friday 11 April. Once again we are indebted to David Whiteman, School Chaplain, for leading these services and to S6 students who provided Easter readings.

We are fast approaching this year’s diet of SQA examinations for pupils in the senior school. Study leave begins on Friday 2 May at 3.30pm for S4 and on Wednesday 14 May at 3.30pm for S5/6.

The members of staff join me in wishing all pupils good luck in these important examinations.

We send good wishes for a speedy recovery to Mr Stewart who is undergoing surgery this week.

In the meantime, please contact me if you have any concerns.


I S Johnstone

Depute Head Teacher


The S3 xl club has been trying to raise money for our residential visit. We have raised money by taking part in a sponsored walk and we also went on a trip to see the play "Of Mice and Men". We charged two pounds for this and raised eighty pounds. Altogether the xl Club has raised two hundred pounds.

On the 13th March we went to Edinburgh to see "Of Mice and Men". The bus journey was good, and we were all singing. The show was excellent and for a lot of people it was their first time seeing a professional show. On the way home we stopped at a Wimpy to get our dinner. Everyone really enjoyed themselves.

Zoe Jess

SPONSORED WALK On Wednesday 12th March, S3 xl Club took part in a sponsored walk to raise money for a residential stay. We walked around the crossroads which was 4 miles in total. We had to wear reflective jackets for safety. We also had flags at the back of the group and at the front to alert the traffic. It took us 1 hour and 20 minutes and when we came back we had juice and biscuits. It was a good sunny day and we all enjoyed it.


First S4, then S5 and S6 will be gearing themselves up for the final examinations – a chance to find out whether you really have done enough work!

What do you hope for –

S – sticking to the topic         U– understanding the questions

C – care                                  C - clear thinking

E – enthusiasm                       S – studying

                S – SUCCESS – IT’S UP TO YOU


Mrs Wilson was extremely pleased with the preparation, writing, presentation, drawing, internet research and content of the Easter projects.

The final winners from each class were :

1b1 Craig McKay
           Linda Wyllie
           Susan Foster

1g1    Fraser Thomson

         Elizabeth McJannet

         Louise Currie


1r1    Jonathan Innes

         Fiona Russell


1y1    Gemma Scobie

          Ross McDowall

          Lynsey McGregor

Everyone made a great effort and Mr McComiskey and Mr Stewart presented the prizes. Very well done to all who entered. Some of the projects were displayed on the new notice boards in the Dining Hall at the Easter services.

Thanks – publicity group

As the group nears the end of its task for this year, a huge thank you is required for all their efforts – they have discovered their skills as typesetters, photographers, wheedlers of articles, writers to the papers – the list could go on and on.

Thanks also to the proof-readers among the office staff and for the prompt way in which the requests of the group are dealt with. As the group goes on study leave, best wishes and thanks.


The week-end of the skiing trip was getting closer. Would the good weather hold? The group left the school at 5 pm on Friday for the journey up to the Aviemore area.

However, Saturday dawned clear and bright. The group made its way to the skiing area – amazed to find there was still a good deal of snow there.

Boy – was it cold! As our photographic record shows, the skiers were well wrapped up against the March wind. All things considered, it was a great week-end and thanks to the staff members who gave up their time to go with the group.