Carrick Academy

January 2000


Happy New Year to one and all!

Since our return this term, I have met with all the pupils at recent assemblies and outlined our strengths and areas where we can make improvements. I have stressed how important a term this is and also highlighted the need for a much sharper focus by everyone on raising attainment.

If we are going to make the improvements we would all like to see, then we must work harder to recruit parental support that will ensure success for all our youngsters.

The seniors are just about to begin the first ever Higher Still prelims and we will be offering an opportunity for senior pupils who are sitting at least one Higher to study at home from Thursday 3 until Wednesday 16 February, although pupils will be expected to return to school as soon as they have completed their final prelim.

All senior pupils have been issued with guidelines and asked to sign an assurance that they will follow them. Staff will be available at the normal period times for pupils who wish to take the opportunity of that support. For security reasons pupils visiting the school for examinations or to consult with staff are expected to wear normal school uniform.

S3 also have their ‘Tests’ in March of this term. This will be their first opportunity to sit a diet of tests and build up the study skills necessary for success.

We have introduced a ‘Tracking System’ for S3 pupils which allows us to monitor progress across the subjects and intervene at an earlier stage if a concern arises.

As ever please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any concerns.

R Stewart


The North Carrick Youth Issues Group

This is a group of organisations that all contribute some form of support for our youngsters. The group intends to hold an Open Day where youngsters and adults alike can be consulted on what is taking place. It will also determine people’s views about how successful things are and also how to go about making better provision for the youths. It is likely to be held in the Town Hall later in the session. I will let you know more details once they are finalised.

Senior Classes post Christmas

Mrs Johnstone is at present discussing with staff and senior pupils arrangements for post Christmas classes in senior school.

As Christmas leavers have now gone, some classes may need to be amalgamated and follow new courses. If you have any concerns please contact Mrs Johnstone to discuss any issues.

Staff Training on Information and Communication Technology

A number of staff received training after school from Mr Letford our Librarian in using new technology for Higher Still. He took staff through some very interesting computer support available in PlanIT and Progress which has been developed for Guidance Support within the Higher Still Programme.

Staffing Update

Mr McLean of Kyle Academy has started in his post of Senior Teacher of Computing. Ms Gilgallon, Assistant Principal Teacher Guidance has been appointed to Principal Teacher of Business Studies at Queen Margaret Academy and has been replaced by Mrs Gilliland. Mrs Boag from Prestwick Academy has replaced Mr Welch in the English Department.

Mr Roy Alexander is on long term absence due to problems with his knees and Mrs Baillie is Acting Principal Teacher of Physical Education in his absence.

The post of Acting Assistant Principal Teacher of Guidance until the end of June has been advertised and should be filled in the near future.

Drug Awareness Involvement

Some of the North Carrick Youth Issues Group agencies have got together and will be organising some involvement in Drug Awareness. Again I will let you know more details once they are finalised.

Non Uniform Day

This is scheduled for Thursday 10 February. Pupils donate 50p to be allowed to come to school without wearing school uniform. All proceeds go to Charity.

Burns Supper

This took place on Thursday 27 January at 7 pm in the Dining Hall at school. This year the whole event was organised and presented by junior and senior pupils. It was chaired by Keira Sinclair and Scott Crawford delivered the Immortal Memory, while Jamie Simpson Addressed the Haggis, which was carried in by Alistair Reid. The Toast to the Lassies was delivered by Darren McDowall and the Reply came from Claire Parker. Laura Graham Toasted the School with the Vote of Thanks being delivered by India Fullarton. Gordon Rorison said the Selkirk Grace and Simon Wells was piper for the evening. Entertainment was provided by Cheryll Campbell and Eilidh McMillan with their wonderful dancing, while Elaine Wyllie and Lorna Thomson sang beautifully. There was also a performance of Tam O'Shanter by Donna Kennedy, Deborah Hart, Fraser McFadyen and Scott Crawford. This was followed by a chorus of singers and Miss Findlay accompanied Lorna and Elaine.

Geography Quiz

An intrepid team of 6 young geographers accompanied by Ms Adam and Mr Minto headed to Cumnock Academy on the evening of Thursday 13th of January. The two teams were Bradley Watts, John Robb, Morgan Harvey, Iain Stuart, Katie Barker and Duncan McFadyen. 20 teams from North Ayrshire, East Ayrshire, South Ayrshire and Dumfries and Galloway battled to win their local heat. After an introductory talk we settled into our teams of three and set about the task of answering some tough questions about Geography in the news, Ordinance Survey map trail, furthest East of West and a slide round, as well as some others. Both teams fared well but it was Queen Margaret Academy who won on the day. Despite losing we enjoyed the experience.

John Robb 4G1

Millennium Competition

After a great deal of deliberation, Mr Stewart picked a winner from over a hundred entries in the Millennium Competition. Sarah Hamilton of 2Y1 was awarded first prize, her hard work paid off. She was presented with a voucher for £25 from Mr Stewart. The runners up in the competition were: Laura Watts, Bethan Haston, Lois Cowie, Jodie McCutcheon, Naomi Glover and Elaine Wyllie, who received prizes donated by Mrs E Wilson of the RME Department. Congratulations to all who entered. Their efforts have not gone unnoticed. Some of their work can be seen in the Main Entrance Hall of the school.

Carrick Academy Association

Thanks to all those people who supported the Craft Fair. The Association made a total of £490.50 from the event. Our next event is in March, when we take over the running of the Charity Shop in Maybole for one week (starting on Monday 20 March). Any donations of baby clothes, computer games, toys, books, knitwear, ornaments, jewellery, plant cuttings etc. can be handed in at the school. Any large items can be uplifted if the school is contacted.

S2 French Interim Reports 2G1 and 2G2


Due to staffing problems last November within Modern Languages we were unable to issue and interim report in French for classes 2G1 and 2G2. However, Mrs McDaid and Mrs McCandless have recently produced a report for these classes to update parents and pupils on progress to date! Please do not hesitate to contact the school if you have concerns regarding these reports. Thank you -

Mr J Rusk - Principal Teacher of Modern Languages.

South Ayrshire Council

Energy Poster Competition

Congratulations to Kirsty Lazenby of 1B1 who won first prize in the above Art Competition for designing a poster on Saving Energy. Well done Kirsty!

Dates for the Diary - February 2000

Thursday 3rd S5/6 Prelims start

Tuesday 8th S4 Parents' Evening

Thursday 10th Non-Uniform Day

Fri. 11th and Mon 14th Holidays

Tues 15th In-service

Wed 16th Pupils return

Tues 22nd S5/6 Prelims end