S3 XL- Carrick Academy
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The third year XL group at Carrick Academy recently had a tour of Maybole Castle as part of their Community Awareness Module.  The group have been finding out about various facilities within the town such as Signposts, Maybole Access Point and Maybole Resource Centre but also wanted to find out a bit about their local history.


Everyone enjoyed the tour, which was conducted by David Kiltie and Dave Killicoat, and were particularly interested to hear about the various ghosts that inhabit the castle!  Descriptions of how the town was laid out in the 16th and 17th century were fascinating and everyone is looking forward to finding out more when they have a further session on the Maybole Website.


The Xl group members are amongst the most imaginative and enterprising pupils in the school so were equally interested in plans to bring the castle into community ownership and develop various business and employment opportunities for the town.