Boot & Shoemaking in Maybole - Page 4
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This article was written and contributed by J. Murray Cook with illustrations from ĎThe Kingdom of Carrick and its Capitalí by John Latta and William Millar, 1904.

St Cuthbert's Shoe Factory

A Mr. Willie Cook had a small factory at the corner of St. Cuthbertís and Kirkland Street.  He joined with Charles Crawford to open the Kirkwynd factory.  Mr. Cook left the partnership and the firm became Robert Crawford & Sons, building up a good business in Ireland which practically came to an end with the establishment of the Irish Free State and the factory closed in the 1930ís.

Kirkwind Boot & Shoe Factory

St. Helenís Works were opened by a Mr. Devlin who was succeeded by a Mr. Boyd.  A  Mr. James McReath who lost his job in 1907 started for himself in a garden hut at Redbrae by the old goods station and helped by his family in the evenings he gradually built up a business and a reputation for quality.  He moved into the St. Helenís Works just after the First World War and closed in 1968.

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