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Maybole, Carrick's Capital Facts, Fiction & Folks by James T. Gray, Alloway Publishing, Ayr. First published 1972. Copyright Permission for display on this site granted by David Gray. You may view and download chapters of this book for personal research purposes only. No other distribution of this text is authorized.

The story of this ancient Ayrshire town from its early beginnings in the 12th century through its growth and development until the nineteen sixties. A fascinating record of the history of a town including a wealth of factual information on its outstanding buildings  growth of industry etc., the book also gives an insight into the life of the community and townsfolk themselves.
Table of Contents

It is some 10 years since the first edition of my late father's book on Maybole was published. In the time that has elapsed, and in particular, since the book itself went out of print, many people in Maybole have felt that a further edition would be beneficial to the town.

My father was a man who had immense pride in his home-town, a pride which prompted him, after a lifetime of public involvement, to culminate his enthusiasm, by writing an authoritative account on 'Maybole', Carrick's Capital, its facts, fiction and folks.

It is to be hoped that this further edition proves to be as interesting to the new generation of Minnibolers whether born or adopted, as has been evident in the past.

James F. Gray,

December 1982

No book on Maybole has been published for over sixty years and it is almost impossible to get any copies of the Rev. Roderick Lawson's works or the earlier book on Carrick by the Rev. Abercrumbie. While the various Statistical Accounts may be got on loan from any Public Library these accounts, although giving vital information, must of necessity leave out many interesting sidelights in the history of the old town and I feel that a new book on Maybole is long overdue.

In this book on "Carrick's Capital" I do not intend to rival either of the two clergymen who wrote so interestingly on the town, nor do I look to providing a sequel to their books. My endeavour is to gather together in a convenient form the many factual and fictional matters of interest to Minniebolers who have a love for their birthplace and to give a picture of the town and its inhabitants over the centuries to those strangers who are wise enough to come and dwell among us.

Much of the matter has been gleaned from the town's records, old books and newspaper articles, but many of the stories have been told me by old residenters who are ever happy to crack about the days gone past to anyone really interested in them and my thanks go especially to these people who have passed on to me many of their personal recollections or stories handed down to them by their forefathers.

If the following articles give pleasure to the readers, and the old lore of Maybole is preserved for future generations, I shall be happy in the knowledge that the years I have spent in gleaning information about my beloved hometown have been fruitful and well worth while.


The Castle,
May, 1972.

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