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Click on the image to the left or here to view this fascinating site by Kate Young which has detailed information for those with an interest in the Kennedy family and it's associations with Maybole and Ayrshire. From the first chapter...
The Kennedys of Cassilis in Ayershire, Scotland, first acquired a title, that of Barons of Ailsa, some time during the fourteen century.  I do not know what king conferred it or for what cause.  Till then the head of the family had been styled the Chieftain of Kennedy, and was, not doubt, as lawless and turbulent as were leaders of other clans in those days.

Hugh Peden's site has stories written by his grandfather about life in Maybole before the turn of the century. The stories are humorous and very well written .

The remains of Thomaston Castle. It is located west of Maybole on A719 just south of the entrance to Culzean Castle. Thomaston was originally built by a nephew of Robert the Bruce. It was later acquired by the McIlvains through marriage. To visit a site of a McIlvain related descendant which includes a few more photos of Maybole areas click here.  Photo on the left by  Richard Huseth.

Gayle Fuson's site has some very interesting old postcards of Maybole, more about Dr. Cowan, as well as details on her Maybole ancestors. Help her solve the mystery of her unidentified photograph.

This site presents the ancestry and descendancy of Robert Burns (Burnes), poet, songwriter, song collector and excise officer, born on 25-01-1759 in Alloway, died on 21-07-1796 in Dumfries at the age of 37, buried on 25-07-1796 in St. Michael churchyard, Dumfries.

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