A Note of Thanks
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Our thanks to all of you who made our visit to Maybole such a great experience! As many of you know this past April my son and I made our first trip Maybole. We saw first hand the places we had only seen pictures of and met many of you with whom, previously, we had only exchanged emails. It was a fast paced and productive week during which our tour took us from the very top of Town Hall to the depths of Maybole Castle's basement.

We would especially like to give our thanks to the Maybole Pipe Band for their tremendous welcome on the first day of our visit, Rev. Dave Whiteman and family for the walking tour of Maybole including Maybole Old Church and the Manse, Alex Kelly for the escorted tour of Turnberry golf resort, David Killicoat who took us to Ayr and a behind the scenes look at Ayrshire Archives, Peter Walker and staff for their help at Maybole Community Development Group offices, Ellen Hawkes and staff for their welcome at May-Tag's offices in Maybole Castle, Murray Cook for our private slide show viewing, James Brown for the personal tour of Crossraguel Abbey and a bottle from his "Chateau Brown" reserve, Derek Walker who guided us about Town Hall and through the labyrinth of the clock tower, Rev. Richard Martin and Rev. Don Cox for our lunch at the Baptist Church, our very accommodating bed and breakfast hosts Peter and Patti Kewney at Drumellan whom we would not hesitate to recommend to any visitor, and last but not least our thanks to David Kiltie for organising all of these activities and accompanying us for much of our visit. The list of those to thank goes on but you know who you are and for your help in making this a most memorable trip our thanks.

And finally my heart felt and eternal gratitude goes to all of you for the Citizen of the Year Award. It will forever be one of my most cherished honours. It is really a tribute to all citizens of Maybole for your tremendous support of the Maybole website, which is receiving recognition far beyond Ayrshire and Scotland.