Carrick Sports Club enters its 40th Anniversary Year
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Carrick Sports Club enters its 40th anniversary year with a spring in its step after members attending the AGM heard of exciting plans for the future, with funding available to modernise the business model. A grant of has been awarded from South Ayrshire Community Development Fund to cover the costs of architects to look at ways of remodelling the building to become more modern and more accessible to all.
The club has a dedicated function suite with a capacity of 130, which is available for a range of social functions and is popular for fundraising activities. The normal charge is waived for all charitable fund-raising activities. The aim is to provide a safe and enjoyable social base with a programme of entertainment.

“We would like to see a much wider community use of the facility, particularly during daytime hours,” said club convener Brian Connolly. “The town has lost its day-care facility for the elderly and we have a perfect opportunity to provide this service as we examine locality planning of health and social care.”

Discussions have also been held with OIR groups to examine the potential for the facility being the base for what was once a major group within the town. The club has a strong sporting history and there are plans for this status to be enforced with the facility aiming to be the social hub of the town’s sporting success stories.

“Maybole has a range of successful sports clubs; particularly rugby, football and golf but lacks the social hub,” continued the convener, adding, “A successful sports hub with the ability to financially support the town’s sports clubs would be an indication of the success of the organisation.”

The membership structure and fees remain unchanged as the Sports Club looks forward to celebrating its anniversary year in June and the result of an application for charitable status. “The remodelling takes time but we have strong support within the South Ayrshire community and we have an invaluable community facility. We are working hard towards the next 40 years,” said Mr Connolly.

Mark Fletcher, Vice-convener, added, “The Club is very keen to work with other organisations in the community and if you wish to host a fund raising event where the money you raise from tickets sales, raffles, games nights etc. goes to local not-for-profit groups or even bigger charities, you can have the hall free. So if you can think of ways to raise money for good causes come and talk to us about a booking.

“We are also keen to hear from people who can spare a little time volunteering in any capacity but also from anyone looking for some bar work on a casual basis. “As bookings for functions are on the increase, so is the need for casual staff. If you’re interested, contact the convener.” He continued, “With the club celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, we are certainly excited that, with the support of the local community and the plans for a remodel, the future looks good. “If you haven't been into the club, then why not drop in and bring the family?

“We have BT Sports, so most the big games are available, free wifi and some games to entertain the children while parents relax with friends. We also have a juke box with thousands of tunes to suit every taste.” Normal membership of the Sports Club is £30 and £10 for family members living at same address as a full member. Sports or associated club membership is £20.