Robert MacBryde - Page 2
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The images and text below were contributed by James Brown, a nephew of Robert MacBryde. Click on the images below to view them full size. See page one for more painting and photos.

MacBryde in his Kensington Studio with Ian Fleming. Photo by Robert Colquhoun.

Lithograph by Colquhoun from a book with complimenting poems of sleep.

Pastel by Robert MacBryde of his sister Jessy on her death bed shortly before she died at age 12.

Holm farm where Robert stayed. Believed to be in Ireland.

Robert MacBryde. Taken in London in 1961 outside a drinking club called the Kismet near Leicester Square by Fiona Green.

Exhibition Poster

Oil painting by MacBryde of an archway in France, on the back of this is a landscape of Maybole.

McBride talking with Ian Fleming the James Bond writer.