Sir James Fergusson, Bart. of Kilkerran, G.C.S.I.
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The account below of Sir James Fergusson was given in the January 1897 West Parish Newsletter produced monthly by Rev. Roderick Lawson.


Below are a few more facts of interest regarding Sir James Fergusson, gathered from various sources.

In 1887 a ceremony was held in Maybole for laying the memorial stone of the new town hall. Featured on the first page of the programme is the notice that this memorial stone would be laid by "BROTHER THE RIGHT HON. SIR JAMES FERGUSSON of KILKERRAN, Bart., Past Provincial Grand Master of Ayrshire. To view the programme and click here.

At the beginning of 1863 the West Kirk at Maybole, still under the patronage of the Fergussons of Kilkerran, fell vacant, and Sir James Fergusson gave it to the young assistant at Newton-on-Ayr. Lawson was delighted to return to his beloved Carrick, where he was to spend the 34 remaining years of his ministry. 
From Roderick Lawson of Maybole: A remarkable Victorian Minister. By Hugh Douglas.

A cable has been received saying that Sir James Fergusson, a former Governor of Bombay, was killed, having been buried alive in an earthquake in Jamaica. He greatly encouraged education in the Bombay Presidency. Before leaving for Jamaica he had accepted the Presidentship of the South Africa British Indian Committee. He was buried in Kingston with great honours.
[From Gujarati] Indian Opinion, 2-2-1907

Jamestown. Named after Governor Sir James Fergusson and proclaimed in 1871, Jamestown, in the Hundred of Belalie. South Australia.

The Kutch Museum was originally known as the Fergusson Museum after his founder, Sir James Fergusson, a governor of Mumbai under the British rule, built in 1877. It is the oldest museum in Gujarat and has an excellent collection. 
Places of interest in Bhuj, India

The prestigious Fergusson College was named after Sir James Fergusson, the Governor of Bombay during the British raj, in 1880. Today Pune has numerable Arts and Science colleges and technical institutions.
Pune - the 'veritable heartland' of cultural Maharashtra, India.

'The town of Maybole has also of late been much improved. Access to it was formerly inconvenient and difficult, but by the exertions of Mr Niven of Kirkbride who has always taken the greatest interest in the improvement of his native place, the streets have been opened by spacious roads to and from all quarters.'
Sir James Fergusson (in The White Hind and Other Discoveries)

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