Aerial Maybole
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The Aerial photographs of Maybole and places about it in this gallery were all taken by Brian Wotherspoon using a 35mm camera. Although some are duplicates of others on this page and other pages, they are presented here so that they may be viewed as a collection of unique aerial images. Click on the small images below to view the photographs.

Maybole_Central1.jpg (37346 bytes) Maybole_Central2.jpg (35299 bytes) Maybole_Central.jpg (26634 bytes) Maybole_South_End.jpg (33799 bytes) Interpck_arial.jpg (42769 bytes)
Central Maybole Central Maybole Central Maybole Maybole South-end Interpak
CairnSchool_Arial1.jpg (29830 bytes) CairnSchool_Arial2.jpg (21515 bytes) CairnSchool_Arial3.jpg (32388 bytes) Carrick_Arial1.jpg (21563 bytes) Carrick_Arial2.jpg (33168 bytes)
Cairn School Cairn School Cairn School Carrick Academy Carrick Academy
Gardenrose_School_Arial1.jpg (32626 bytes) Gardenrose_School_Arial2.jpg (34767 bytes) StCuthberts_School.jpg (40966 bytes) Ashgrove_Cres.jpg (29172 bytes) Culzean_Road.jpg (39666 bytes)
Gardenrose School Gardenrose School St Cuthbert's School Ashgrove Culzean Road
Kincraig_Ave.jpg (38784 bytes) Kirkmichael.jpg (23720 bytes) CrossRoads2.jpg (29443 bytes) CrossRoads1.jpg (24166 bytes) CrosshillRoad.jpg (17421 bytes)
Kincraig Ave Kirkmichael Cross Roads Cross Roads Crosshill Road
tunnoch.jpg (24064 bytes)        
Tunnoch Farm        

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