Sunset over Arran
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A spectacular sunset followed the end of the first day of The Open Championship at Turnberry's Ailsa Golf Course in July 2009.
Click here for a full size image. Photo by David Kiltie.

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I was looking at this photograph of the sunset over Arran, recently submitted by David Kiltie.   The caption reads more or less that it was a fitting tribute to the end of the first day of the British Open at Turnberry and indeed it was.   However, I'm quite sure that pictures convey different thoughts and emotions to different people.   For example, when I look at this lovely photograph I see the end of a day's toil for many people, I also see a little boat heading for it's home port and a small bird winging it's way home.   The foreground of the picture shows the trees in almost dusk and if you listen closely you can hear the wee birds twittering and getting ready to settle down for the night.   In the background is the lovely island of Arran taking on it's evening coat of blue and if you look closely you can just make out the outline of Holy Isle.  

When I was a boy at Seaview my grandfather would dispatch me with a burlap bag to the Croy shore to collect chuckie stones, these were little white stones, to decorate the name Seaview, which he had sculpted into the grass in front of the cottage.   I always got the stones but was not always too diligent , time wise, in getting them back to grandfather.   Quite often I had other things on my mind, like sitting on the rocks quite a ways to the north on Croy shore and looking directly across the water to Holy Isle and Arran and wondering what went on over there.   On a very clear day and these were fairly limited on the Firth of Clyde, I often thought that I could have swum across the channel as it didn't seem very far.   All this is to say what a lovely part of the Scottish country I hailed from and that it can compare very favourably with other parts of the country which seem to garner much more attention.  

Jim McAlpine

Jim McAlpine with Skye. Jim is now living in Ontario, Canada.
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I've just been thinking of all the beautiful pictures that I have seen of Maybole and the surrounding area and as an expatriate who has enjoyed all of them, I think that it is only fair that visitors to the Maybole website should be able to appreciate the scenery of my adopted country, specifically, Ontario, Canada. This particular view is taken from the cottage of my son-in law's sister, Robin. The cottage is situated on an island not too far from the town of Parry Sound, the home of Bobby Orr, who was an outstanding hockey player with the National Hockey League.

The cottage overlooks the main shipping channel from Parry Sound to the Georgian Bay, which is an adjunct to Lake Huron, one of the Great Lakes. I have spent many wonderful times over the years at the cottage with family and friends. It is very nice to share the reminiscences of Mnniebolers, it is also nice to let visitors to the web site see how some of the folks who have left that fair town, are now faring.
Kind regards,
Jim McAlpine.