Sketch of Maybole Castle
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Artist: Billings; Engraver: Godfrey. An excerpt from the original description:
The town of Maybole is pleasantly situated on a gentle eminence, surrounded by a screen of hills, which shelter it on the north and east, in form of an amphitheater. It was erected by royal charter into a burgh of barony early in the sixteenth century, in favor of the house of Cassillis. The collegiate church of St. Mary's, now in ruins, was founded in 1441 by Kennedy of Dunure, ancestor of this family, for a provost, a rector, and three prebendaries. It has shared the fate of most other religious buildings of that period, and is now only used as a sepulchre for the pious founder's posterity, the chief of whom is the noble family above mentioned. Maybole is considered as possessing great salubrity of climate, and noted for instances of longevity. In former times it was the winter rendezvous of all the neighboring gentry,. whose somewhat stately domiciles are still surviving chronicles of those primitive times. Of these family mansions-once no less than twenty-eight in number-the most remarkable is the Castle, here represented. It is one of the finest existing specimens of its order, and affords a clear idea of the style and accommodation necessary for a nobleman's establishment of that epoch. With this fortalice, the well known story of " Johnny Faa," and the catastrophe which followed, are so closely associated, that we shall be readily excused-especially by our continental readers-if we annex the popular version, concerning which the reader will find some curious particulars in the Waverley Anecdotes.

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