Maybole's First Snowfall of the new Decade
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Maybole begins the second decade of the 3rd millennium with still more snow.  Click on the images above and below to view full size. Photos of Crossraguel by James Brown and others by David Kiltie.
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I never cease to be moved by the photographs of my hometown and surrounding area taken by David Kiltie and others. In particular I like the photograph which looks like the stepped housing of John Knox street, also known in my time as the Red Lion brae, because of the Red Lion public house which was situated at the bottom of the brae and facing the Weaver Vennel. When I was young I cycled up that street twice from the vennel to the high street and believe me that was no mean feat. It was my father's bicycle and it was like riding a farm gate.

What caught my interest in the photograph also was what looks like a building which used to be known as Glebe View. I was born in a little cottage known by the locals as Splash Mill, the official name of the residence was Barclay Mill. I was introduced to the area by my mother, of course, with the very able assistance of doctor James Rennie who was brought to the house on a very cold and snowy wintry day,in January 1930, on the back of a motor cycle, by my father, James McAlpine. Splash Mill abutted the small holding known as Ballochbroe.

Shortly after my birth we moved to the lovely village of Straiton where my father was employed by the county on the highways department. We lived in Straiton for one or two years and my older brother David started school there. My younger brother John was also born in Straiton. The family eventually moved to Maybole and we resided for a couple of years at Glebe View and it was there that I started school at Cairn primary under the capable tutelage of Alex B Coburn, Headmaster, in 1934. This was prior to moving to the Carrick building on Kirkland street.

The photograph also shows Tunnoch farm, I attended school with Duncan Ronald, the son of the farmer at that time. The cemetery is also visible in the picture, my grandparents, uncle and aunt on my father's side, are buried there. It just goes to show how nostalgic images can evoke memories which you think are long forgotten.  Jim McAlpine.

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Photos below taken January 9th 2010 as the sun rose over snow covered Maybole. Click on the images to view full size.