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There are 2 CD's available for Sale, one featuring the Maybole Church Choir and another one showing a presentation of pictures taken in and around the "Old Church" and the "West Church.

We will be adding the facility to purchase these discs over the Internet using PayPal but mean time we offer you the opportunity to listen to a few short sound bites taken from some of the songs on the disc.

Audio CD
Some Track Sound Bites
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Full Track Listing from Audio CD
1. Rejoice the Lord is King

1. Rejoice the lord is King (Darwells 148th)
2. Jesu Lamb of God Redeemer (Mozart)
3. The Songs of Hallowed Days (Pearce)
4. Largo (Handel) Robert Ris
5. Seek Ye First (Karen Lafferty)
6. Holy. Holy. Holy (Schubert)
7. I waited on the Lord (Mendelssohn) Jenny Graham
8. There’s a Wideness in God’s Mercy (F W Faber)
9. Heaven Come Down (J W Peterson)
10. Praise the Lord Ye Heavens Adore Him. (B L Tambly)
11. Troisieme Ton (Couperin) Robert Risk
12. Allelujah (Mozart) Jenny Graham
13. I Asked the Lord (J Lanc & J Duncan)
14. Exultemus (N Rawsthorne) Robert Risk

Robert Risk played the Old Church Organ. Jenny Graham played the West Church Organ.

3. The Songs of Hallowed Days
5. Seek Ye First
9. Heaven Come Down
13. I Asked the Lord
Maybole Churches have a long history of Choral Singing.
This disc is a compilation of music enjoyed by the congregation under the guidance of the Organists Jenny Graham and Robert Risk.

The singers are Lillias McFarlane, Doreen Qua Bette Coulter, Nancy McGregor, Myra Ferguson. Margaret McCultoch, Margaret McGawn, Margaret Hutchison, Moira McCIelIand, Marianne McCready, Bobby Paul, Alex Davidson, Roger Martin, Tom McClure Hugh Paterson, Mhairi Gibson, Billy MilliganIb and Jiim Stevens.

The Old Church Organ was built by Foster & Andrews in 1891 and the
West Church Organ was by Hilsdon in 1920.
The last Service in the Old Church was on Sunday 7th August 2005
and in the West Church on Sunday 14th August 2005.

This disc has been produced as a very fond memory of fine
Praise music performed in these historic buildings.