Maybole Gala 2002 - Page 3
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Click on the images from Maybole's Gala held the 15th of June 2002 to view them full size.

 Maybole's young Royals are crowned.

Top tot: Kayley Campbell was placed first in the pre-school fancy dress parade for her patriotic Highland look.

All dressed up:
Gala organising committee members.

Top duo:
Deirdre Cuthbertson as Prince Charming and Isobel Seymour as Cinderella.

Out in front:
Maybole Pipe Band leads the parade

World Cup:
 Winning theme for St Cuthbert's Primary

Sports day:
Cairn Primry puts Commonwealth Games in the spotlight.

Sunshine sound:
 Carriba Stargazers steel band.

Can can girls: Sandra Mellor and Deb Creedy adopted a Parisian look for the parade.

Oz-some effort:
SAS International's Wizard of Oz float

Steppin' out:
Carrick Stompers line dance group

Flag bearers: Gardenrose Primary's Commonwealth colours

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