Maybole Gala Pet Show 2006
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Pet Show winners:

BEST IN SHOW 1st Andrew Pollock with his dog Holly 2nd T. J. Steel with rabbit Novo 3rd Sophie McPherson with cat Fluffy

DOGS MOST LIKE OWNER 1st William Jess with greyhound Fletch 2nd Nicole McCrorie with alsation Kez 3rd Grant Murchie with Labrador Sophie

HAPPIEST DOG 1st Leslie Ann Jess with Timmy 2nd Andrew Pollock with Holly 3rd Alison Humphries with Perry

FASTEST SITTER 1st Andrew Pollock with Holly 2nd Jamie Reid with Roxie 3rd Holly Humphries with Bonnie

NOISIEST DOG 1st Kay Easton with Domino 2nd Michelle McDowall with Spencer 3rd Hayley Reid with Lunar

RABBITS & GUINEA PIGS 1st T. J. Steel with rabbit Novo 2nd Zoe Wallace with Guinea Pig Summer

CAT 1st Sophie McPherson with Fluffy

FERRETS 1st Nathan Davidson with Cheezy


The prizes were kindly donated by the Pet Food Co. Ltd., High Street, Maybole