Rev. Richard Martin
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Rev Richard & Eva Martin 65 Greenmeadow Drive BARNSTAPLE Devon EX31 4HT telephone: 01271 323 808

Farewell to Maybole. Article in Ayrshire Post.

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Rev Richard Martin

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Article in the Ayrshire Post.

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Rev. Richard Martin and his wife Eva Martin said farewell to Maybole Baptist Church on Sunday 26th September.

When they came to minister in Maybole, all but five years ago, they did not know how long they would be staying. They could only say, “God opened the door for us to come here and He will show us when it is time to move on.”

One of the first things that struck them both was the friendliness of the people in Maybole and their readiness to stop and “blether”. Moving, as they had, from West London, where people tend to keep themselves to themselves, this was a pleasant novelty which they still appreciate today.

They make no secret of the fact that church life is not easy! Whilst they have enjoyed fellowship with the church members, it has been hard and not very successful work trying to draw other people to join them. During the last year the church distributed packets of literature to every home in the town, also at Maidens and in Crosshill. So far, they have not received a single response to this outreach.

Earlier, church members had offered copies of the ‘Jesus’ video to friends and neighbours – but interest was limited and again response was nil. Incidentally the Church Secretary Tom Barry still has a few copies, if anyone would like one.

A highlight of Richard and Eva’s time in Maybole was the Millennium Year visit of children from Belarus which the church hosted – with a lot of help from townsfolk. Then in the last six months the baptistry pool was opened for the baptism by total immersion of Fiona Gill. Then Fiona and two friends recently retired to Maybole were received into church membership. Shortly afterwards it was Richard’s joy to marry Fiona and Calum Meney in the church. These were all special occasions and treasured memories.

Richard and Eva are now retiring to Barnstaple in Devon where they will be near their children and grand-children. “Maybole and the church will always have a special place in our hearts,” they say. “Our move will open new opportunities for us, and we wonder what God has in store for us next, south of The Wall!”

(From the Ayrshire Post October 1, 2004)

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