Maybole Old Church Stained Glass Windows & Organ
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In 1900 the stain glass windows were fitted and the church was completely redecorated. These are very famous windows and people come from all over the world to view them often with binoculars and cameras. ...In 1900 the congregation again subscribed to the entire redecoration of the church and the two large stained glass windows were fitted in the front wall at this time. Later other stained glass windows were fitted in memory of John Marshall (of Jack & Sons); as a memorial to the fallen in the first World War, and in memory of the Rev. David Swan who was minister for so many years in the Auld Kirk.

Window number 5 below entitled 'PEACE and PRAISE", is the work of the artist ROBERT ANNING BELL (1863 - 1933) executed by the firm of GUTHRIE & WELLS in Glasgow from the period in the early 1900's through to 1920. Click on the images below to view full size.

St John - St. Paul
Noah - King David 
Peace and Praise - King David
 Abraham - Melchizedek
Nehemiah - Isaiah 

In 1928 the minister who’s pulpit was in front of the organ, got so fed up with being deafened by the organ that he had the pulpit moved to its present position and the seats turned 90°.


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