Maybole Old Church
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Photographs by Tony Kerrigan

Maybole Old Church and the West Church, both Church of Scotland churches, have joined together in a new church to be named Maybole Parish Church. The two Church of Scotland buildings have been sold. The united congregation will be worshipping in the Baptist Church, on Carrick Street with worship commencing at 10am. For the latest news regarding the building project please go to and The Carrick Center 

See also article and photos from the Groundbreaking Carrick Centre Project History Archives  Kirk Session Records

Last Minister of Maybole Old Church
Rev Dave Whiteman B.D.

Board of Ministers of Maybole Old Church since the Reformation
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Church History

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History of Maybole
 Old Church
Accounts by 
Rev. Dave Whiteman B.D.
 and James T.Gray
  A Centenary Sermon
 1808 - 1908
Historical Account
 of the Church in Maybole by Rev. David Swan, B.D.
The Monks of Cluny. An Address delivered in the precincts of Crossraguel Abbey on 16th July 1933 by Rev. David Swan, B.D. Stained Glass Window
s & Old Organ

Stained Glass 
Window Fund 
Subscriptions for 
Repair of Church - 
1874 -1876

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Rev. Swan - choir outing. Ladies on right - Jean Whiteford & Lizzie McKie
Contributed by Jean McCrindle

Rev. David Swan  wrote this song to raise funds for the Scottish Churches and YMCA Huts in France during WWI.

George Anderson
Minister of the
Old Church
Rev. Charles Logan
Minister of the Old Church from 1813-1823

Dr Menzies: minister from 1843 until he died April 1870 aged 74.

ministerswandetail.jpg (32015 bytes) 1833Marriagebanns.jpg (66300 bytes)
Detail from
 photo on left

Marriage document for William Brown and Anne Hunter dated Dec 30 1833 and signed by George Gray, Minister

Last Meeting of the Maybole Parish Council 1930 COMMUNION TOKEN MAYBOLE SCOTLAND 1861 A cut oblong white metal communion token of MAYBOLE Church, AYRSHIRE, SCOTLAND, issued by the minister WILLIAM MENZIES, in 1861.

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