Bill White - Maybole Memories
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My Diaries


William Mcfarlane White (Horace)

Itís now February 2008 and I am still here. When I moved to flat no.11 I came across a heap of old papers containing scribbles of stories, events, memories, call them what you like, that I had committed to paper with the idea that the grandchildren would learn a little of what life was like before, and just after the war.

I passed all this on to my son, Ian to read on the understanding that if he did not rate them then he was to destroy them. Ian decided to clean them up, put them into some order, correct my mistakes and type a cleaned up version which he has titled ĎMy Diariesí. He is now pressurising me to write more, as both Ian and his wife Ann feel the family should read them and form their own opinions. Ann by the way acted as the proof reader.

I must admit having read the new version I do agree, the family should read them, but I am not yet sure in my own mind when that time should be. In times gone by most of the following would have been passed on by word of mouth at family gatherings. Videos, TV, the Internet etc. has put an end to that method of communication, so read on and I hope enjoy the following.

[Webmaster's note: This account of life in Maybole was written by Bill White for his family but he has generously allowed us to share it with our site visitors so that they may enjoy this unique personal account of Maybole as it was between the world wars.]

Cover    |   Introduction   |   1920's   |  1930's  |   Memories   |   More Memories   |   Destiny