Rev. John Stuart
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Rev. John Stuart served as minister of the West Church in Maybole from 1986 to 1995. He began his pastoral ministry at Erin Presbyterian Church, in Knoxville, Tennessee, USA in 1995. A native of Scotland, he and his wife Evelyn became US citizens in the summer of 2001. Rev. Stuart grew up in Glasgow, Scotland, and served several small churches in S.W. Scotland before accepting the call to Erin. He and Evelyn have two daughters, Lynsey and Lauren.


Appearing in the photo at left and below with Rev. Stuart at the Kirkin' of the Tartans at Erin Presbyterian Church on Sunday April 2 2006 are members of the Knoxville Scottish Society and Clan Bearers during and after the service. Clan Graham was honored during the Kirkin'.

Rev. John Stuart, former minister of West Church recently completed this painting of the old church and other Scottish scenes.  Click on the image or go to his website to see this and more of Rev. Stuart's paintings.  (The latest set of Maybole and area drawings are now available for viewing on Facebook See this article in the Knoxville News

Rev. John Stuart's story about building working walls.

In a message in April of 2006 Rev. Stuart writes: "I can't believe it's been ten years since I left Maybole, but the things I learned about people and parishes over there, have really helped me build up a fine church over here. I'm also the chaplain to the Annual Highland Games that takes place in a nearby town called Gatlinburg during the third weekend in May. I've also formed a Scottish bothy band called Glenfinnan and we play Scots & Irish songs all over town. On St. Patrick's day, I sang and played at a boat club in West Knoxville.

I write and record a daily message for our Erin church. To sign up for the daily emails visit our church's website at

No doubt you are aware of the terrible shootings at the Virginia Tech college in Blacksburg, Virginia. We are all shocked about the massacre and it has sadly brought up memories of the Columbine and Dunblane shootings.

What you may not know is that our oldest daughter Lynsey will be taking up a position at Virginia Tech during summer of this year. She is going to work in Students Affairs and administration, so she will have a lot of pain and pressure to deal with. May I humbly ask that the people of Maybole, whom we still love deeply, will keep Lynsey in their hearts and prayers? May God bless you all, as well as the good people of Dunure.

I wrote a poem that is working it's way across the Internet in the United States.  John Stuart


The world's a darker place today

A man with guns has staged a play
Where kids with hopes and lifetime dreams
Have been mown down with bullet streams.

The world's a sadder place today
With broken hearts in disarray
And mournful parents full of tears

With nothing left but painful years.


The world's a broken place today

For who won't turn to God and say,

"Why did You let this happen here?

Why is our world so full of fear?"

The world's a silent place today

And heaven knows not what to say,

For even God is hurt inside

And grieves the loss of those who died.

                                      John Stuart