Maybole Community Council - Meeting Minutes
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 Meeting Minutes (below) and current Agenda for the Maybole Community Council

The next meeting of Maybole Community Council will take place on Tuesday 2 November 2010 at 7:30pm in the Council Chambers Town Hall Maybole




1.   Sederunt

2.   Apologies

3.   Police Report

4.   Minutes of previous meeting – August & October

5.   Matters arising from minutes

6.   South Ayrshire Councillors

7.   Correspondence

8.   Treasurer’s Report

9.   Remembrance Service

10. Literary Competition

    11. Committee Reports    1. General Purposes    2. By-Pass.  3. Project.   4. Various other committe
    12.  A.O.C.B.

 13.  Date and time of next meeting  - Tuesday 7 December  2010 at 7:30pm


 5th Oct 2010        

Minutes of meeting held on Tuesday 5 October 2010 in the Council Chambers Town Hall Maybole at 7:30pm

Sederunt - D Kiltie, W Grant, H Whitefield, M McCreadie, P Barton, R Birnie, P Mason, S Mason, P Lynn, M Fletcher, J Paterson, G Hamilton, A Kelly, A Walker, A Murray

In Attendance – S Goldie, B Connelly, A Galbraith, Sgt Hamilton.

Apologies – G Durrant


Police Report – as follows

There were 34 crimes reported –

Road Traffic – 5;   Dishonesty - 9; Assaults’ – 10 (2 serious); Vandalism – 6; Telecoms – 1;  Drugs – 1 (possession);  Drunk and incapable – 2.

Changes to shift patterns will start at the end of this month. 

Ø P Mason voiced concerns over these changes; B Connelly asked if South Ayrshire Council had been notified of these changes, there is to be press release shortly to inform of these changes.

Ø P Mason also spoke of the speeding traffic through Maybole also on Culzean Road

Ø It was asked if the speed gun could be used a night time


Minutes of previous meeting – not enough copies of August meeting, therefore this will carried to another meeting.  The September minutes were approved and seconded by A Kelly and M Fletcher.

Matters arising from minutes –

M Fletcher and P Lynn sent in what had been discussed at the GP meeting.


South Ayrshire Councillors Report –

S Goldie reported that training on going also reviews and planning.  It was also announced the proposed closure of Cairn Primary School – the pupils from here being transferred to Gardenrose Primary – to go to consultation process if passed at meeting this week.  This to be put on Agenda for next General Purposed meeting.

A Kelly asked if there was any possibility of the Gaiety Theatre, Ayr reopening.

A Galbraith spoke of Maybole Community Council as role model for the winter programme


Treasurer’s Report –

Treasurer’s A/C – £2793:38;         Project A/C - £2367:85;  Y2K - £1684:30;  Awards for All - £81:53


Correspondence List –

1.    South Ayrshire Community Planning – Community Representation on the Community Planning Partnership – nominations to be returned by 22 October 2010 – D Kiltie to be proposed

2.    South Ayrshire Community Planning Partnership – Community Conference – Wednesday 27 October 2010, County Buildings – register by 20 October 2010 – D Kiltie to attend.

3.    Scottish Natural Heritage -  The Nature of Scotland – Autumn issue

4.    South Ayrshire Council – Notice of Parade 14/11/10

5.    South Ayrshire Council – copy of council  minutes

6.    South Ayrshire Council – M Newall and K Dalrymple visiting CC’s to discuss road and footpath maintenance, to supply dates


Committee Reports

General Purposes- Peter gave his report from the last meeting, namely the forthcoming Remembrance Service.  It was agreed by members to purchase the Poppy Wreath at £25.00.  Also discussed re internet in the Town Hall, Handbook and Memorabilia.


By-Pass – committee had the Charity Shop for a week in September, and cleared £575, thanks to Pearl for her assistance in the shop.  Hoping to co-ordinate some events to coincide with the Scottish elections next year, also running a competition on the web to win a Nano


Town Centre Regeneration – Alan gave his report, committee have been going round the shops and have had some response to the painting of shop fronts.  Have met with a firm of Painters and are waiting prices for work , also looking for sources of funding.


Pathfinder – David spoke about possible funding, also various topics that funding could be used for.  The fact that there are a few notable dates to come in the next couple of years, namely 30 years Town Twinning, Pageant, Queen’s Jubilee etc..


Health Project - Mark reported on this matter. 


Janitors House at Carrick Academy – could this be a Resource Centre – lots of possibilities, ask A Galbraith if she could find out about this. May be a problem after hearing about the news about the Carrick Campus.



Ø Carrick Centre – Mark spoke about this he is withdrawing from this committee, asked if anyone else wished to attend meeting as a non voting delegate.  There is to be a meeting with A Ingram

Ø A Murray spoken with J Thorburn who thinks a demolition order has been served on the Co-Op building,  also funding to screen off Dunabie’s Yard on Kirkoswald Road .


Date and time of next meeting – TUESDAY 7 December 2010


Dates for the Diary:-


November 2nd                                 Next full Council meet                                  

November 15th                                General Purposes

November 11th                                 Service Greenside

November 14th                                 Remembrance Sunday


December 7th                    Full Council Meeting

December 8th                    Big Budget Challenge – Have your Say