Crosshill Amateurs - Scottish Amatuer Cup Champions 1958-59
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This is a photograph of the Crosshill Amatuers team which won the Scottish Amatuer Cup in Season 1958-59. Bobby Cummings who was the trainer of this team went to Minishant the year after and won the Scottish Cup with them as well!    Larger image
Photo and names contributed by Alan McEwan.

Names for the players in the picture are as follows.
Back Row L to R A. Hutchison, T. Robb, D. Johnston, I. Mcallister, T. Robertson, I. Davidson, B. Hutchison, M. Davidson, J. Pollock, J. Porter. Middle Row R. Smith, B.Bell, W. McMillan, D. Ferguson, J. McInally, O. Findlay, J. Cassidy, B. Cummings Bottom Row T. Gardiner, J. Blackwood, W. Fulton, Sir Thomas Holdsworth, B. Hume, J. Tierney, T. Johnston