The Village of Crosshill, Ayrshire, Scotland
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The Villiage of Crosshill, Aryshire, Scotland. Photo by Brian Wotherspoon.

Crosshill is located 3 miles (5km) south east of Maybole in South Ayrshire.  The area was first settled by Irish immigrants who employed themselves in the business of hand-loom weaving. They constructed many single-storey cottages a few of which may still be  found on Dalhowan Street. The recorded population in 1991 was 531.  Click here for maps of Crosshill

Google now has the Street View available for Crosshill. Walk or drive the streets, pan up and down, zoom in or out or place a figure on a map to go directly to a location. These functions and more make getting around Maybole from a virtual perspective easier than ever before.    Give it a drive!

Photo taken on the official opening day of the Crosshill Lawn Bowling Club about 1943. Col Holdsworth from Kirkbride Estate is seated in middle of front row and Duncan Doughtery the greenskeeper is front row 2nd from left. more

Although these photos are not that old none of the buildings actually exist anymore. It is the first photo I have ever seen of the Brig-End pub which was in the village. Contributed by Alan McEwan more photos

I found a tiny little book of snaps of the Crosshill WRI putting on a Show at the Civic Theatre in 1965. It was in an old bag of wigs and costumes - had been high-rise homes for mice at some point. Luckily the book is unscathed. The farming community will know lots of the players. Isobel Seymour

SCOTLAND'S OLDEST TELEGRAM BOY. That was the headline in the weekend newspaper ( my best guess would be Sunday Post circa 1940-42 ) It was all about Bob Reid from Crosshill who despite being in his late seventies would when called upon.. jump on his bike to deliver telegrams to outlying cottages and farms . When Bob pedalled off up King street tongues woud start wagging  - who might be expecting news possibly good like the birth of  a new baby or sad like the passing of someone in a family. more

Two view of Crosshill taken from Kildoon Monument and stone statues of Tam o Shanter and Souter Johnnie with Jack Ross, native of Crosshill now living in Canada. Click on the images to view full size.

Crosshill as it was. Click on the postcard images below to view them full size. Contributed by Alan McEwan

King Street

Parish Church, School & Cottages

Dalhowan Street

Carrick Drive

King Street from the Bridge

Crosshill from Culdoon

...there was an ad on the Maybole website asking for people to apply to go on a game show here called Postcode Challenge. I emailed STV to apply to go on. They got back to me that day and asked if I could get six names together and go for an audition that week. The rest as they say is history! There were no interviews for team selection. These were the only "volunteers" In the photo we are being presented with a cheque for 10,000 pounds from the host Carol Smillie. I am the captain holding the cheque.  So basically thanks to the Maybole web site we are ten grand better off!!!  full story

Click here to view full size.

They're healthy eaters at Crosshill Primary School - so they don't need to feel guilty about scoffing a chocolate Easter Egg! Pupils have been choosing wholesome food at lunchtimes in a healthy eating competition. A balanced meal earned one token, an extra piece of fruit or vegetable one more.

Click on either image to view a photogallery of Crosshill taken by Andy Crockart.  See also Andy's photos of the Village of Kirkmicheal

Crosshill Amateurs 1958-1959

At left is a photograph of the Crosshill Amateurs team which won the Scottish Amateur Cup in Season 1958-59. Bobby Cummings who was the trainer of this team went to Minishant the year after and won the Scottish Cup with them as well!  Contributed by Alan McEwan. more  At right is a team photo from 1946.

Crosshill Amateurs 1946

Click here for the full size photo and details about this photo.

These photos are of the Crosshill amateur football club Crosshill Thistle.  Contributed by Jean and Collin Burns. In the photo on the left Collin is in the back row, third from the left. Click on both images to view the photos full size with names of the players.

More Photos of the Crosshill Thistle Football Club. Click here.

This picture is of the Crosshill Junior Choir from 1951 taken in the Working Menís Club in Crosshill, Ayrshire. In the picture is my mother Rosemary (McCutcheon) Bone (bottom row, second from the left), also my Aunt, Betty (McCutcheon) Gribbon. Mrs Dougal and Mrs Turner (singing teachers) and Rev. Ewan are shown in the picture. Martin Bone

Ceremony at the Unveiling of Crosshill War Memorial 9th of April, 1921. 'Mong pastures green he'll lead his flock, Where living streams appear; And God the Lord from ev'ry ey Shall wipe off ev'ry tear. Amen. Click on the image to the left to view the photo of the ceremony and pages of the dedication booklet. Click on the image to the right for a current photo.

More postcards. Click on the postcard images below to view them full size or on the captions for very large photos.

Dalhowan Street Kirkmichael Road King Street
Postcards More Postcards Kirkbride

Wallace St. Hugh is a small country lodge which was formed in 1920 by brethren from our sister lodges Maybole St. John No.11 and Ferguson St. James Dailly No. 566. It is named after the Provincial Grand Master of Ayrshire at that time Hugh R. Wallace of Cloncaird. Click on the image to the left to view the site.

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