More Photos of Crosshill Thistle Amateur Football Club
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R Wallace M Davidson, G Porter, H Jardine, J Nelson, D Reid, G Andrew, I Robb, J McGuire, W Hutcheson, Seated T Robb, D Simpson, N Simpson, J Ramsey (captain) H Anderson, J McCulloch, D Burgoine, W Ramsey

T Robb, R Gallecher, S Hannah, G Porter, W Thomson, K Wallace, M Davidson, J Wallace, D Reid, D McClure, J Ramsey, J McKie, J McGuire

The photos, names of the players and news article on this page were contributed by Jean and Collin Burns. Collin Burns was born in Crosshill and lived there for 21 years. He played occasionally for the Thistle and rarely missed watching his team at home or away. See more about their glory days here. Click on each of the images to view them full size.