Photos of the Village of Crosshill, Ayrshire, Scotland
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Crosshill Church

Thank you! ... for that magnificent photo of the church.   I shall alternate it as wallpaper with another photo of Crosshill which I took from your page.  My mother was organist in that church (originally she studied music in Glasgow) and in the other 'auld kirk' before it was made into a hall.  I was baptized there, and saw family married and buried from it.  Two years ago I returned with my daughter to show her around, and was sad to learn that it was no longer used regularly, if at all. Keep up the good work, and be assured of the appreciation of we ex-pat Carrick folk. Slainte. Alice Hyman, Woodinville (near Seattle), USA.

The photos of  Crosshill below were taken by Andy Crockart. Click on the small images to see them full size.
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