Crosshill Team Wins Postcode Challenge!
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Many weeks ago there was an ad on the Maybole website asking for people to apply to go on a game show here called Postcode Challenge. I emailed STV to apply to go on. They got back to me that day and asked if I could get six names together and go for an audition that week. The rest as they say is history! There were no interviews for team selection. These were the only "volunteers" I could come up with. Aaron Lucas - I went to school with Aaron who was born and bred in Maybole. He built a house and moved to Crosshill a few years ago. Martin Hoggit - Went to school with Martin as well who was from Minishant. He also saw the light and moved to Crosshill a few years ago. Martin Dunlop - A Troon boy who was fortunate enough to meet a Crosshill girl whom he married and lives with in Crosshill. Myron King - Very important member of the team - He owns the one and only Pub in the village and benefited from the winnings more than most! Roy Knight - First name on the team sheet. Mr Consistency! Only other member of the team born and bred in Crosshill.

 In the photo we are being presented with a cheque for 10,000 pounds from the host Carol Smillie. I am the captain holding the cheque. My teammates were back row Aaron Lucas, Martin Hoggit, Martin Dunlop. Front Row - Myron King and Roy Knight. Can  The show aired Monday 16th at 7.00pm.  So basically thanks to the Maybole web site we are ten grand better off!!!  Alan McEwan. 16th May 2008. See Episode 30 Parts 1 and 2 below.