Remembrances of Crosshill by Jack Ross
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That was the headline in the weekend newspaper ( my best guess would be Sunday Post circa 1940-42 ) It was all about Bob Reid from Crosshill who despite being in his late seventies would when called upon.. jump on his bike to deliver telegrams to outlying cottages and farms . When Bob pedalled off up King street tongues woud start wagging  - who might be expecting news possibly good like the birth of  a new baby or sad like the passing of someone in a family. Everyone in the village new and loved Old Bob who lived a few doors from the Post office . He was survived by a granddaughter Bessie who worked for years at Kirkmichael Creamery  and was a leader in Crosshill Girl Guides .

There has always been a friendly rivary between the villages of Kirkmichael and Crosshill. In the days before Crosshill had its Bowling Green there was always an annual challenge at Curling The trophy was a Kettle whick I believe was in the shape of a curling stone supported by broomsticks . No doubt it was probably filled with whisky by the losing team and the winners celebrated in style ( Thats my wild guess ) . Some years the match was played on Kirkmichael Loch and other years at Kirkbride pond just above Cloyntie.  I remember seeing one game being played in the mid thirties when I was just a small boy . Apparently the matches ceased during the war and never restarted. I look forward to hearing the rest of the story . Where is the Kettle now ?

Remembrances contributed by Jack Ross akat538 @