The Village of Dailly, Ayrshire, Scotland
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Old Dailly Churchyard

Notes on Dailly circa 1880s

1837 Ayrshire Directory

Prehistoric Man in Dailly

Dalquharran Castle

Most of the castle photos I took last summer 2008.  I first went to this castle age 4 with my mum who was friendly with a Mrs Stewart who lived there at that time.  Then I rediscovered it in the early 80s, all dilapidated with the best of everything taken away for gardens and rockeries and such.  My children and I would go out every year to see how the old castle was doing.  I heard in the late 80s that a syndicate had bought the castle and was going to put it back to its former glory to become a hotel.  This never happened and I still visited, now with pupils I as teaching to get a visual history lesson – the Old Castle and the New – both in ruins.

Now I hear that there is to be a golf course and posh Clubhouse, and so I rushed out last year to take some last photos.  I made friends with the guard there and he came round with me in case I got into difficulties with rubble and steps (he thought I looked frail!  Lol No-one expects you are a criminal when you’re 6 stone!!)  These are the photos I took.

I went out just before Christmas and things had not moved on, and no-one was there guarding it, so maybe the plan has fallen through and it would be more costly guarding or moving all the new building materials that they have just left it.  (Watch out for a revamping of Dailly residences soon!)

The other photos are some photos that I took at other times and original plans I was given of original Dalquharran Castle before 2 big square ends were put on in 1880.  It took 5 years to build the Adams castle and the family lived in the old original castle by the river.  It is still there but a ruin of course.  The surrounding grounds and old walled garden are host to many butterflies not prolific in the area.  Experts think that there is something planted there from long ago, in among the weeds, that is not found elsewhere here now.  I have noticed many purple flowers here and there among the tall grasses and weed and butterflies love purple flowers for some reason.

Anyway, I love this old castle hence why there are so many photos.

Isobel Seymour (June 2010)

more photos to come